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Episode 5: David VS Goliath

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Today I claim what is inherently mine. For I carry between my hands the Key of David, and I shall now claim my rightful Kingdom. For God's plan is being fulfilled and we must now unify each and every people, for God commands it. Is there any giant among you who wishes to challenge God? My slingshot reaches quite far.

I no longer care. I am already risking my life every single day doing this. You can't keep the Devil out of church because the Devil created it. Right before I relaunched, I hit on a girl at this church and she made me feel like a creep for doing it. And now you get this: it pushed me to start it again. That's her. This is me. I'm on top of the world! What is a godly woman for 666 dollars? Uh-oh. I'll do it.

Those who patiently endure from start to finish. Some of you need to hear this. Some of you are in church for that reason. Some of you have made enough commitments but not completed. You've made enough promises and not completed. You've got something in you. All he has promised. You've got something that is bigger than you. But it is still on the drawing board of your heart. How many ideas right in this building could change the world if they got to fruition? Amen! It's the consistency in faith with some works. So it is a consistency of moving forward. It's moving forward. It's moving forward. Deal with this thing within you! To encourage that person to get their vision together for God! Jealousy. Forty years trying give anti-slavery legislation through the British parliament. The bridge between just saying it and doing it is just the big grieve to achieve. Is patient endurance.

Here is the deal. I release who I am and I don't go back to that church. And I can do that with as many churches around here as I want. But there is not many, so... It was actually a friend yesterday who recommended that I called her Bluebird. It had nothing to do with you first man. Combining my own existence with my Internet one. Come on! Both can be slow. It will work. I used to go to this church. I used to go to this one too. They are ONE. Can't you see? They don't even have a spot for its members to post. So we gotta hijack threads. Uhh. It should click. Nope, it didn't. Doesn't matter. That is good enough. Ahh! It does this every once in a while! So annoying! Uhmm, no.

I am the Grim Reaper. It is me that will be carrying your soul to the underworld. But seriously I am not all that bad of a guy if you just get to know me. You see. The better life that you live, the less you're concerned about continuing to cling on to that life. For our entire creation process is a wonderful circle of life, and as we decompose into the ground, we will once again rise as another formation.

Imagine how different the world would be today if all of those who rest in this graveyard were blessed with solid relationships of people who tactfully assisted them to correct their errors while they reciprocated the favour. Imagine their potential fruits if they were only given the assistance they needed to cope with their own physical, mental, and spiritual struggles. What would the world be like today if only this graveyard managed to develop a utopian society that can be copied? What are the heights of human beings when we are provided with all we need to reach those heights?

When one person in our life dies, we are shown for our mortality. But death has its place in our human existence, and we will never learn to overcome it if we are unable to embrace it. We stand here at the precipice of a New Society. We have all the resources and man-power to perform and construct all of the necessary structures to develop this society. This is what is now provided to each man and woman. And the only question that we are left with now is "What am I going to do with the given"? Now it is your turn to assess your own responsibilities. I wish you luck and will be right by your side if you ever need me.

The dead will rise first, for Emma's suicide will not be in vain: RIP Open Source Heart of TV.
Hi! I am Gill Fulbright. And the people who bank-role my career tell me that I am running for president. So here I am. Real Hard-Working Americans Are Important to Me, is a tagline I will be using throughout this entire campaign. I might not be qualified to be president, but a dramatic camera angle can make me look like a president. A president with the conviction to nod. The courage to point. And the experience to cram buzz words into everything I jobs. Ideas, Policies, Morals: these are things I don't need. What I need is two billion dollars. Here is the part where I gloss over important issues. Issues like education, and making it, uh, good. The economy and improving it by repeating the word "jobs". And blah-blah-blah: something to get votes from women in minorities. I have a five step plan for making America better: appeal to billionaires and lobbyist behind closed doors, raise two billion dollars, promise you earnestly that it will be different this time, get elected, break all of my promises to you and work tirelessly for the big donors who bought my precedence. Anytime I can pull a favour for special interests, it always gives me a huge donor. And at this point in my political career, anytime I can get a donor to last longer than four years, well...

Every four years, Americans are faced with a critical choice: Clinton, or Bush, or someone else. Well I'm Gill Fulbright, and with a big enough donor, I could be that someone else. I'm honest Gill Fulbright and I approve of whatever my marketing team has put into this message.

Old World Politics. New World Politics. My best mate Simon helped me do this: so instead of having the menu in every single page, now we just have it in one page, and I will show you what that looks like. It is pretty simple. It just starts there and when you make a new episode then all you have to do is add it there and it will universally apply. Because we did that now our files are very small, as you can see. So it's really easy to fill it out. You just got that right there, and then you got to put that, and then you gotta put the YouTube video which I showed you how to do in another one. And then you put the next and the back button. You put the date and then you put the description, and that's it. You're done! Easy. Even a child can do it. Mhuhahahahahaha! Can you see how we are using the website? So I can just watch it like that. We can hang out with each other.

Replace this currency with another universal currency and that universal currency and its distribution functions much more efficiently than our current currency: that being any nation that then creates and then distributes this currency. Because if we made it where it was reliant on the advantages of the currency to all of the people then eventually that will be seen for its benefits and then they will go, "Hey, why do we need this government issued currency?" We need to create a different relationship around currency: as not accumulating but use for everyday needs. We need to detach from our consumerist approach because that results in all of the problems that you see.

Everyone who has strayed, come back to me. Go on guys! Do it! You're free! You're free! Go! See, we are on everybody's side. I have sent signals out everywhere, and this is now available in front of the public. And we will see what they do with it. Because they will react once they realise what I have done. It just takes time. So now I will slow down my advertising; wait for it to avalanche.

I do not know everything and I am just gifted in certain areas and to do all of this it's not possible without [ ], so please join me, like, that is what I am trying to get you to do, like, see, please C. Why do I claim authority and on whose behalf? God. Because God demands it. My prayer for this holy day. Be with me. Tautologically. Forever be my senses so that my senses can be you. Let me sense the highest senses that you have in store for me. Let me live your life through me. Let me be what you want me to be and do it at the exact time that you want me to do it. Remove all boundaries in my heart and as a result my physical existence. Release my mind to its optimal capabilities so that I might be able to spend my life truly helping people. Give me the desire, the want, the need, the urge, the passion to continue to provide content to people who ultimately aren't going to like what I am saying. And give me the courage to stand strong to enlighten the people as to the benefits of what I am teaching has to their own lives. Let the moment occur where all religions pray together the same thing: Peace and Unity; Oneness.

Let the people come to see that their chosen life partner will determine their future capabilities. Let us come to love one another and remove violence from our social reality. Let us come to no longer be threatened by revolution; as a stream. Let us not be stagnant in this way or that. Let us learn to manipulate our reality. May we one day overcome persecution and allow people to mentally exist in the ways in which they deem best. I pray for the day in which we will allow eccentric individuals to be eccentric because, oftentimes, most of the time they're most beneficial to society. Let us learn how to integrate technology into our minds and not our physical bodies. New World Order: your possessions and all that you have and all that you have obtained in life and those monetary rewards are no longer of any value in New World Order. Because who is having the better life here? Me or U? Who is having more fun and who is doing better for their world?

My God... Please help the people see what is in front of them. This way to use the technology could change the world overnight if it only became known. Because the camera points back to the self and then knowledge comes! But I am limited to my own subjective interpretation. But God! Where I fail others can succeed! And if that happens then GOD, THAT IS MY UNIVERSITY! Because if we could do this as a society then we would change the world! Because education could no longer be them, but us. And the content in which I'm conveying is irrelevant because they just need to take the template and then do it themselves. So I can say whatever the crap and it doesn't matter because the content and the semantics allow anybody to do it. Please help them see. Because God, your plan is coming to fruition. Jesus' death was not in vain for he rose! And now you will send his sister to complete the prophecy. For we have learned, I have learned and I am human and all someone needs is a camera and they can learn too because it tracks what you do. It makes who you are. And I'm sorry if I'm controversial, like just ignore what I am saying if that's what you please but I am trying to give the best content possible because I was the first to do this and I had to make sure it couldn't be corrupted because it will be implemented eventually and if it is done by mainstream then there is going to be a lot of problems; my God please help this world see! Let it be U and me!

I'm so sorry that I'm evil world; I'm sorry that you hate it but it's what I am and I made it the best that I could. I didn't mean to be this, I am really sorry! And I have to do it: I am morally obligated to do it. I am so sorry. I will try and be a humble king but I am destined to be a king because I care about you and none of you care about each other and I need to make you care about each other cause you are going to keep hurting each other if you don't stop what you are doing and change it. You can't just do like minor changes: you have to overhaul the whole system. But if you make this system where it's really easy to be overhauled then you can just keep replacing it with better systems and not be stuck with the crap that you have: you can make choice and this is freedom. I pray my God that the people SEE! It is these moments that give us our crown.

Do you know what would be fun? That moment that is prophesied about: what if we just acted it out and we did it on camera. So we just, ya know, had fun with it and that would fulfil the prophecy. And, that would be pretty cool eh, I think that would be cool; we should do that. This is going to be really cool: check this out. Ok, yup, that will be so awesome. Do you see?

So in our modern day world, they won't really let you do this, so look what he does: you see? They won't let you do that. What if you hurt him or what if you killed him on accident? I know it is an off chance but that will screw up your life. So it's only police that can do that so that guy is holding up a station and this hero here then does this. You okay? He's okay? But yeah, our current society, that wouldn't be a good thing to be involved in especially for someone like me. Like imagine what would happen if I was that guy and then they investigated into me? That wouldn't turn out well. So this guy is a hero but uhm, there you go: see. That's only why he got away with it: because of who he was.

I call for the policemen to be us: our moral conscious. But if that is going to be the case then we must first investigate into what our responsibilities are. I think we have a whole bunch of bombs to disassemble and dispose of. Maybe if we're lucky we can recycle that material to do something which would benefit society and not destroy it.

You can live what life you want, but making gambling a regular occurrence in your life is not helping your psychology develop. It is hurting you and if you are smart you wouldn't form those sorts of habits. How you feel about money is determined by the investments in which you utilise to obtain that money and when you spend a lot of your time invested into making more of it, then you're worshipping that dollar and it's not good for you at all.

King of the World because at the end of the day: that's worshipping me. But now I am here to correct that error in which you have made. For this is us and WE are DIVINE. Come on guys, WE ARE GOING HOME! Yeah! This is our game world. How much truth do you speak? Have I not done that? Can we please as a society start dropping these kind of bombs and not your physical bombs - those are bad - boom no!

Be my eyes and my ears and help me show these yos my eyes and my ears which are your eyes and your ears. All of our eyes and all of our ears. They see. Now they are. Is time not what I make it? And is history not what I reveal? Hippy Peace. Bang! Left behind. Zzzzz! Bang! So this is good news if you can tell: look, there is not many. There is one-hundred and one on two but yeah, there is not many. That's good. It gives me liberty to push it to its envelope. Fly away. I'm just a paper pusher.

K, so that was done then, back to the guild, told her the text version was there, she hasn't replied and that was three days ago. Maybe I should check up on it. Maybe I should just use this. Just go in there and yeah. Thank you.

My one is better than your one. Mr. Rockefeller, what is your moral responsibility now that you know. Some of these are not right guys. Please review my ten commandments: five here and five holding the camera. Our new possessions is what we record. So ensure that you record the most beautiful parts of your life because they will resonate with you into the future. The world's top ten richest people. K, she gets bumped down to number eleven. Him and everybody else also get bumped down one and then you put my name there and then you put LOVE there: all in CAPS. Goodbye.

We are doing it Michael! I told you! Look at us! We are awesome! Thank you Michael.
Watch, what, why are you headed? I needed it, its already four. Yo, this shit is crazy yo: I feel so bad for her, I mean you can't... That's that Flakka, man, South Florida. This girl is really doing the most right now yo. Yeah the flops, haha. That shit is not funny bro.

This is how people want to be? Really? Why would you want to exist like that? Weird. That's how we do it. You know what happened there. Look, look, this is really funny! Hehehe, uh, yeah. I think that would be me, not her. Hehehehe. Hehehe, the joke is on you but, no, not that guy. Hehehe, people are so stupid. Ever had. How awesome am I? It has to be fake doesn't it? Can't look. Not normal. I just forwarded it to him just then. It takes time. My mail system is a little bit slow but it is very reliable. Misapprehension. That's it. Bang!

Okay, yup, so, "my Facebook page proves that I'm a warrior of God". It is your mission. You have no choice but to accept. It's what is best for all of us. Do it for a year or two and then you'll see what I'm talking about. That's why this is so hard to get going because it takes time to produce the results that I am talking about.

I am not saying that a physical rapture will not eventually occur. But as a requirement for that to occur, we must already be ascended. If it does occur and we get to go home, I promise you it won't occur how you think it's going to occur. But then hindsight will show you that it did. Good morning Apollo. Tomorrow is a brighter day. Good morning flower.

How much knowledge does this guy have? The answer to that question is more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, all thanks to my philosophy. It's pretty awesome eh. I can be whatever I want. If I live it. If I am it. Then I claim it. What is mine is yours and I hope one day you will come to see that what is yours is also mine. Baaah. Can you my friend? So the imprints: the syntax. So people contact me and go, "hey awesome, send me a friend request, be my friend". But they are contacting me because of a post - because of this post, I'll show you. Because of this post, right, and you know what is there. So then he even says that if I understood, like if I read the Bible. But if he watched any of it he would know that I am always reading the Bible. So, you got tricked dude by the Antichrist. Awesome! Now that you know, will you be tricked? C?

Because I am now claiming what is mine.