Time Masheen
Stream 5: Message from Light Bringer

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The prince of the air takes over the show and shares a message not only to his worshipers, but also the entire world. When time is split and what was is no longer, what becomes the new responsibilities for our species?

I am here to train kings and queens so the first step to your own self realisation is to investigate into what and who over this world you have dominion of. For these are the extreme aspects of your personality in which you most deeply connect with. At first you are a prince or princess until you learn how to best care for these aspects. For you are in training to rule justly over the aspects of our collective life in which you are most tuned. Once you learn how to conclusively resolve those social problems, claim your authority. You are what you are and when you can both learn who you are and accept who are, then after you release that publicly and demonstrate your suitability to resolve those issues, then that kingdom becomes yours unless one can prove those arguments inaccurate or replace them with better ones.