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What is the Antichrist and if they were to reveal themselves to the people, how would they do that? If we are to be prepared for the master trickster, then what tricks must we be cautious of?

Am I to be punished with eternal damnation for doing all of this? When every one of my motives for doing this was assigned to me by God to fulfill, then why is my cup so full and why must I pay for my "sins" when the ones next to me burning lived much worse lives. I do not follow the logic of damning one for implementing positive change. I do not have a problem with any one of your beleifs unless you have a problem with mine: because there is the problem within your beleif system, for it requires everybody around it to conform or be exhiled from it. I am sorry if I have offended anyone, for that was not my intention. I just had to find a way to showcase this technology I discovered and that enabled me to use it against yourselves. And by shining light upon your own socially ingrained preconceptions, I give you the chance to break free from their attachment they have on you. After perceiving the real things among the heavens I was required to enter back into the cave with my new knowledge and use it to break the chains of my fellow captives. For this is the moment to charge to the outside where we can once again come to understand the origin of light and our ability to perceive it. And outside of that cave we will mark a new land but only after first working its soil. For what we plant here will become our Atheden. Will you plant my assassination or instead show me love for trying my best to obtain us collective salvation?

Make no mistake for our tribulation is now upon us. I can not even begin to explain to you what our Universe is about to throw at our world. And time is of the essense for we need to be a rapture ready people. For our collective Judgement Day will soon be upon us and if our society is not equipped and unified to combat them, then total annialation will be the result. But if the yin and the yang bonds together, then both good and evil can cast wickedness aside. If both our devil and angel sitting on our shoulders learn how to align their goals without offending the other side, then mankind has a hope to ascend into the heavens as demigods both inside and outside of their geological coordinates and independent of their own existence.

How clever can I be in order to fulfill prophesy? I am only one of many forces around the world working together: although I chose to work in the foreground and them the background. But I am merely swimming around the water of our new society because I just broke down all its borders, so come join me, for all are welcome. The Trojan Horse successfully welcomed in the makeup, although its social structure not yet knowing the ramifications its content holds. Right now my artillery is hidden and even surpressed from public eye. There is a reason for this and it is because the time lord is a one man army, and must sometimes slow its capabilities in order to wait for past actions to catch up with themselves.

I do not want to die so I will try my best to genius myself out of the negative concequenses of this situation. However, when one speaks in tautologies, literal manifestations tend to result. However in plee for my life, I will try to offer an alternative solution - for maybe we can learn from the mistakes of killing our Lord and Jesus without just cause. Because some mind tricks end at the ideals rather than the physical manifestation. If I can only flip your image then you will be able to see what I am saying. This moment is called Enlightenment and can lead to your realisation. For no enlightened soul would wish harm on me.

For now I will physically stay away from any ancient Holy sites unless I am exclusively invited, protection and funding included. I am not evading my responsibilities. But God works in mysterious ways and I will not place priorities and much needed funding on performing a ritual to Venus that I have already performed countless times throughout my work. I am who I am and such childish displays of demonstration when life has not open doors to carry out the ritual are futile and can not prosper. Therefore life will either open new doors before me or the ritual will be performed by me on someone's else's phone at that sacred temple - maybe many me's at once in a circle would be the appropriate magick to act as its finale: me safe away from where you can not hurt me. I have set myself up to win no matter what happens. And if I am to die and not physically revive, rest assured after three days my work will. And seemingly overnight the entire world will know who I am. For I am everywhere. I am just a clone of