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And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. Revelation 13:5

I speak of possible interpretations of utipian-like societies being able to manifest relatively quickly, and they can! But do not get me wrong my friends, for our tribulation has just started. The powers of enforced dominant ideologies and thought processes blind us from seeing the inner workings of the deception. You can merely look on the wall to see what I am talking about. The forces of evil in man eventually outweighed us daemons. It was at this clap in time that we spin a tornado until there is no longer man, woman, demon, or angel, but yo. Yo Kingdom will take a while to build because its leaders are extremely careful and contemplative in their approach. Their actions are not for the now but the later. The experiential imprint of the end result suffers now to no lonfer suffer again by themselves filling that gap for not only yo, but also other yos. The pain of the experience of such a process will teach you what needs to be done to resolve it.

For I could not have accomplished all I have if it was not for the practical experience of the phenomena that causes that condition. The solution to our problems is to accept whoever we are. If our darkness produces only light, then that darkness should be respected for what contributions it offers and its desires should be considered. The deal one must make with their inner devil is how yo can satisfy its desires through a method that is good and not bad. Yo can be bad and I encourage you to learn how to taunt the world through your creative passions that lead yo train of thought. You must pull at your devil's heartstrings enough to convince it to join the light: for the light warmly accepts the darkness if it only accepts the light. Good can become better and worse can become good. But ignorance can never become anything other than wickedness. Because when we shine our torches on our own psychology, our past, present, and future situation changes.

The procress of dramaturgy consist of framing your life to cause a chain of events to occur which sets the stage for the story that you are about to play in. When the moment feels for my lost children, my psychology becomes Peter Pan. If I am to act out a role as playing the Antichrist, how am I to gear the character's motives to be achieved as a result of the production, and gear that content (no matter how controversial) to help a lot of people in the process? Was it good that I had visions making me aware that I am the Antichrist? Did the task of flipping our Christ from male to female carry out the intended function of that figure? So in a funny and weird way, I am the Antichrist because I played that role. But I had no choice in that role because that was the deal to obtain my salvation.

Sending mixed messages is an art of its own, for what truth is held within my words but the value I assign? If I play a role true and for God, then am I not that role in which I play? Can any a-one of yos who know my work honestly tell me that I am not Peter Pan? The fact is the fiction in which we paint into our own social reality. If I have something valueable to present that could truly save the world, then how should I present that information? And how should I gear it to obtain the best results possible, not only for me (if what I am trying to do works), but also for everybody else as a result of the amazing works you could all be gifted with in the future if I just found this special girl. You cut me off from her but I am what is best for her, me, and all of We! So it is really cruel for you to do that, for I never had to be your Antichrist if you just let me look for her.

The results of society's own actions against me caused me to take my obsession this far. I had to find a way to show all of you the light in order to produce the soil that could nuture the type of girl that my heart desires. And God made a deal with me and promised that if I worked for da big Yo in da sky then It would provide me Its power to accomplish the task. All good and hi-5, oh wait back on Earth oh shit. How would I do such a thing? I will ruin my name and reputation. It will cause me to be locked up in psychiatric wards and prisons, which of course, it did. But God had a plan and after I stopped focusing on my stupid fetish, I realised that God made me this way to truly train the Christ. At first I was like, "hey, awesome, if I get what I want then I am happy, just do your Will through me and I will wait for your promises to come true. I separated what I was doing with what I would obtain at the end. At the biginning of my journey I thought I might have misunderstood God. I doubted what I had experienced. But I did experience it so was thus still compelled to search for her. But I did not beleive that she was the sister of Jesus: our new Christ. I was just trying to convince a beautiful girl to study philosophy and film with me. However as the miracles I captured on film piled up, I began to beleive. As I saw God work within my life by capturing Its activity, I learned that I was indeed preparing the way for the Christ. And slowly my search for an equal turned to a superior: at least in potentiality. This I became obsessed with refining my filming approach to a T, all in order to build the body of knowledge that would incite an individual revelation which would in time be released amongst all its people.

Please listen to my words carefully. For she is Christ because she chooses to become that. Jesus brought us a star but his sister brings a constellation. Her task is relatively easy, for her other half has prepared her way. She just needs to shine in her studies and apply them to her film work. She just needs to look pretty for the camera, because her task is to make every man fall in love with her. But she needs to make them know that she is and has always been taken. But people will still watch because she is gorgeous and this gives her the opportunity to shape their minds. And she will learn how to convey the best content which will reach the hearts of everybody. She will cause a causal chain which will in time save humanity and is therefor by my knowledge and insight literally the Christ, our Rapture, and our Second Coming: the key to our collective salvation. And together we will spend our lives implementing the Open Source Revolution. She is Christ for the figure in which she must play to blow open the potential capabilities of this learning method which will incite and then enforce the Kingdom of God on all people.