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The time lord reveals who the Antichrist is. Enough said. Watch and you might learn something. Judge before understanding and you might end up burning for eternity...

Why can I not talk academically about magick? Because the camera can capture magick real time if the magick user is skilled in the art of interpreting and conveying meaning. A camera is a magick user's wand and their task is to captchyo gold, aka, the Holy Spirit. The clone must convey the feelings of its inner daimons - that is giving free expression to both your inner good and bad sources. When I sit in a beautiful but empty park late at night, the chill in the air imprints onto its character that feeling. Camera captures fog. Breath reveals fog, lungs reveal breath, brain reveals lungs, soul cleanses brain. The smell in the air or the taste in my mouth. The way I feel or the way yo made me feel. Sitting in a swing or climbing up a tree. Whatever is done to me is eventually done to thee. The amount of information I am able to capture about that particular moment will determine the amount of information that both myself and other people will be able to extract from that particular clone.

The purpose of yo clones should be to capture yo spirit: your divine nature played out at its best. If the spirit is correctly aligned, the mind and body will follow suit. Thus you are to later greet your spirit as you produce and research your material. This spirit is a reaper and you are not excluded from its victims. This means you must harvest for God, for it is the only way to human salvation. Do not get tricked by your own clone, for mice should stay out of the business of yo hu-man. If you are ignorant enough to set a trap in which you fall into, then you will pay for those consequences. Do not take a job in which you cannot practice what you preach. But if you are true in yourself, then the spirit in which you capture then flies around the world (and beyond) both disposing of dysfunctional energies as well as improving the mental processing states of all of those who invest their time into learning its secrets. What can go wrong with free education taught with love? Not a damn thing.

My first handycam of any practical use was purchased in mid November of 2012. I had spent half a year planning to make the feature film Ivory Heart and StarNow was assisting me to find people who might be interested in doing open source films about mythology, and boy were there: over 500 applications from people around not only Australia, but the world who wanted to be involved in the development of open source education. But then they banned me which forced me to do it alone. But then this gave me great freedom as to the type of content I could include. So after much prayer I followed God's orders and followed my heart, giving my life to this fictional and kind of creepily young girl: the only way in which I could access a infinite pool of inspiration to achieve the desired outcome of the project: I Vow Our Righteous Youth. The neurological tweak made the pursuit acceptable for me because the ends justified the means, and the only way in which I could achieve it was to believe it. Thus I had to carefully reflect on the self in order to find that inspiration. And through that process I both came to accept, learn, and love that this was always me and it only took me recording and examining me recording me to realise that the natural me, despite its taboos, are actually of most benefit for the population to experience because eventually that will create equality and better understanding of that condition AS WELL as save the world. Laws are not suitable for every circumstance. When God claims X to be so then it is so. It can only be so when God demands it which means that its pursuit is all in which is available to me. And deep down I really don't want her to be too young because I don't want to have to wait very long to marry her. Anyhow, I pulled a trick on myself which caused me to eventually accept myself for who I am and in a weird way be really cool because of those idiosyncrasies.

So after I pick up the camera from laybe at Target, I go to the ANU the god's cafe and charge my camera. The sun was going down and so I started walking back up Black Mountain thinking about how to start Ivory Heart. But first it had to have a pattern, thus created I Vow Our Righteous Youth which outlined what I wanted to accomplish from the entire project. I took my time with it though because I knew that it would be used in Stream 10 of my time machine. Thus after I have reached the target, I would be able to see where it was fired from the perspective of the bulls-eye in which I knew it hit with the birth of the philosophy as the results of the first three philosophy courses I made. Anyways, back to the camera. Up the mountain as usual and I passed my kangaroo friends but now I have a camera in my pocket! At first enframed in mainstream voyuerism, I tried to remove myself from the environment. See, here is a kangoroo and this is a voice-over using that disconnected kangaroo experience and combining it with another experience of reading out an essay I wrote into the microphone. Further using Sony Vegas to splice footage to make what occurred something different. But that night in my tent God sent me a message to become the art - the live process - its perfected application at a quality surpassing in every way possible the capabilities of a text only distribution of information, not to mention its apparent dominance over mainstream methods of portraying meaning, despite a nearly non-existing budget with no special effects but the ones in which I motif for you. So that is the day I began to film Ivory Heart in which I travel around Canberra talking to a beautiful little girl that I made up in my mind that is innocent and has not yet been tainted by the stresses survival induces. A blank slate to work with, an open mind, a caring heart, a loving attitude. My perfect woman idealised into a girl for the sake of successfully achieving the goals of the experiment. Because I am better than Justin Bieber and I want the girls who fall in love with him to fall in love with me instead. Because I am a much better influence and could lead an army of young minds to perform at their maximum capacity. Get the girls and you get the guys. Get them young enough and get the parents. Starve and be homeless as a result, but the end is enlightenment for mankind so what is my soul worth to me? Shall I run from destiny because I am not blessed with a roof or a meal? Yo can not turn yo back on God once yo has seen Yo. For God can show Itself in your films if you only welcome Yo.

The camera turned from shooting in front of me to shooting me in front of things. For the most part, Ivory Heart was shot vertically but after that I learned my 360 degree method, which much more efficiently utilises space and only takes a short while to get used to. I also learned that a shaky camera is not always so bad when zooming as long as you could pause it to view a clear shot. Thus while others cared about me appearing vertical and holding a steady camera, I focused on distance zooming and space utilisation. No one got it because you are all idiots and should be ashamed of yourselves. But we will and eventually my toils will enable other spirit filled individuals to become my equals. That was the objective all along, to rise the population up to me and not me to lower myself to them. If the coolest of us do this and become our world influences, then in time the entire society is destined for Utopia: Atheden at your fingertips if you only say, "Yes sir!"...

If I am to take over the direction of your mind for long periods of time, how am I to direct them? The first thing I learned to fix is the voyeuristic nature of the portrayal. instead of disconnecting my reality from that in which the camera captured, I united them. My entire focus became U. Yes I do hope the U is Ivory, but can a man not have dreams? Now no longer disconnected from the viewer, it enabled me to show love to them. But it also allowed me to show hate to those who hated me for doing it. Thus sometimes I would be talking to the viewer, sometimes the haters, and sometimes my breathtaking Ivory. But all of these interactions with the self/web community taught me a lot of important things in life which I would not have had seen if I were not in disadvantaged circumstances. The journey God sent me on made me the man I needed to become to carry out Yo's WILL. And no other puny will will ever be able to hold Yo or Yo's people back. For the Word became flesh not into the Bible but instead the people: our ignorant Christians yet again missing the entire point. For within our code carries the imprint of a god and if we are only given the equipment and necessary training to be able to use that camera to discover the self over a long period of time: FACT: WE WILL BECOME AN ENLIGHTENED PEOPLE. But all of this is only possible if the most important part of the equation joins me in such a Righteous Crusade: