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What is time travel? If I am to claim the ability of time travel, in what syntax am I travelling through time? What semantics constitutes travelling through time? Why are you sceptical reading this? I do not blame you but this is my life project and I will teach you how you can also become a time lord like myself. So for now, please set aside your mistrust so that you might be receptive to how you can also turn fiction into fact.

This is my Theories of Mind Lecture Analysis 2 assignment in which I will defy the task because the best way for you to understand how I digested the content of the material presented to me is not to ask me to summarise. This inferior practice will eventually be realised for its superfluous nature. Because I just demonstrated all of this material into practice. And I get marked down for covering too much material, but your inferior methods of recording and assessing meaning is far too slow for the one who sees. Thus you punish your students who shine practically as a result of the material conveyed. You have no way of assessing the life who builds that life with the material. Triangulating all of my units this semester into one was the goal: its results two awesome TV shows that gifts humanity with the ability to track itself. As a result our human knowledge base will exponentially avalanche. But merely because I do not follow your outlined criteria to the T, I always end up answering those questions in the mind of the perceiver after they perceive.

A mind in which controls itself has unlimited capabilities thanks to the electronic distribution of information. As we apply our life into video over many years, it neurologically reconditions the psychology. One must stand behind both their past, present, and future causes. When one observes itself with itself over long periods of time, it transforms that person into whatever they made themselves into utilising that process. When one imprints pieces of themselves into their reality, yo will come to learn many things. The society will grow and spark a Kantian Enlightenment. All thanks to the Turing Test which enabled me to filter syntax from semantics: the university's natural procedures obviously fail or are in the process of failing. My goal was to learn how to convey as much meaning in as short of period possible, ironically spanning out over nearly six years. But in the end the messages from the past, present, and future were received and they taught me how to build a brighter future not only for myself, but all of us.

The procedure protects my sensitive work from the eyes of idiots. How it starts is always different than how it ends. And each time the record button is pressed, all of the memories in which compelled yo to press it come back, re-linking synaptic pathways in the brain and to some degree, literally going back into the past. And because U captchyod yo moments, yo can then later change that past by using it as an example (artillery) to support your conclusions in the future as well as forcing you to experience those moments yet again and again. As a result in the future yo not only can change that past by reflecting on the events as they were captchyod, but yo will see the future because this is how yo conditioned yo mind to interpret and convey the phenomena of the world: to reveal itself to you before it is revealed.

I have literally developed an extended mind, or better interpreted infinite extended minds. Imprints of a particular thought patterns dramatised into meaningful film to direct yo life a certain way - the way yo chose previously because yo were on to something and now yo always start back from where yo were. How I use my time machine is abstract and has been obsessively developed over the last six years. I have 3 aspects to captchyo on film: body, mind, and spirit. Thus I must be careful how I will comport each and what stories I will convey. Because those stories will become me and result in my future actions. Such a technological development must not be discounted when the proof of its results is compelled to type this for you right now.

Because here is the brainwashing tricks! Each imprint is not me but only a representation of what I wanted me to be. At each point would I strive higher in body, mind, and spirit. The pursuit literally resulted in me becoming what I was telling myself and the world that I was. If I can only get people to see what I have discovered, then our world is saved.

But your systems have no eyes to see. Time travel is dismissed fiction before it can be examined as fact. The systems which dominate us fail the Turing Test: it can only analyse syntax and not semantics. But I use syntax and semantics very differently in my self-brainwashing method. Because how I arrange these two will determine my future psychology and as a result all their actions. The answer to all of our life problems is tied in with yo camera clone-jutsu.

I don't care about the grade I make for this. This is my last semester of my degree and as my finale, I give you the middle finger. Because your school has no ability to assist geniuses invested in their own scholarly projects. Your word limits suck and you always give me a target that I don't want to shoot at: I am vegetarian assholes. I have little agency to determine my own primary focus, and you count off for including too much material or going over word limits. You often miss my points and lack the ability to see that audio-video can encapsulate and convey meaning exponentially better than mere written communication. Your methods of referencing is archaic and no one individual seems to know where the head of its system is. There is no one leading but you are all following. Yet you punish students who see these facts in attempts to blind them from the truth. Like there is a big secret going on behind the scenes and we all know it but no one except me is willing to reveal it. The systems have already taken over because we collectively have become the computers that we built. Syntax flies around everywhere but it is very rare to receive real semantics. Social axioms and modes of being dominate our subconscious: we are very brainwashed and it took one to brainwash themselves into something else to see and reveal it.

The truth is that I am a very good chess player. Maybe not entirely for the real-world game but very much so when applied to life. Every aspect of my life is pieces of my grand puzzle which has just recently been put together. From childhood I was a man on a mission: to free my thoughts from the scrutiny of others. And I did by thinking outside of how my philosophy professors could even think I could think. The student had to become the master in order to have the authority to scrutinise the master's techniques. Chronos had to castrate the old in order to bring about the new. And now we live in a New World Order, baby, and I can be both myself and my intellect together. I can stick my middle finger up at your word limits because it is proven that your word limits greatly hold me back, not to mention your grammar and other "mistake" enforcements. Not one of you can keep up with me but you have no problems marking C- on my papers. But you are just a pawn behind my master plan to trick the world into saving itself. For as you see this is not only my assignment but the text to be coupled with Time Masheen Stream 1: Introduction to Enlightenment.

An individual is not replaceable. You Anita, are not replaceable. This is supposed to digest content from the lectures when you have been sick. This is what we are to learn from this part of the unit. That the mechanistic aspects of life that are employed independent of the psychology attached to them, cannot ethically function without its user having the expertise and understanding to do it. A behaviourist approach to the psychology has ignored the conditions as to what it takes for the psychology to respond in those ways. I have implemented hundreds of thousands of clones throughout the digital airwaves that we call the Internet: for I can fly baby! Each clone thinks in a particular way: crafted by the puppet master! Each carries a certain syntax which I can then neurologically resonate with to then transfer its contents. This then makes my brain an infinite sponge because each clone carries knowledge that I do not yet know. Thus much of my time is spent studying my old work in order to gaze into the future long enough to bring its technology back to the present, providing me an infinite scope of investigations, for I could do this the rest of my life.

Now I give humanity this gift on a silver platter. The limits is the stars. What constellation will we make? But Murdoch is blind and will miss the semantics woven within my syntax. What will you do with it? Will you continue to oppress your students when they have outperformed you? Will I even pass my units and will I be kicked out of school for standing up against these injustices? Can anybody see what technology I have stumbled upon? ANYBODY OUT THERE??? I have been broadcasting this signal for many years. You are all so stupid to me because you are blinded by your media. Just think about what we could make all of this if we geared it right!

I am tired of being persecuted and only need to make happen what I say. It would not take many people doing it for it to catch on. And then Galileo! Save us our own stupidity! You want to know why I am so frustrated?! Because your school has always turned their eyes away from my scholarly research. Well here are its fruits. I am just a messenger. Now shoot me if that is the world you want to create.

What sort of forces are at work to stop this evolution in thought and why is so much effort utilised to suppress its methodology? I hold so much hate in my heart for your "school". I showed genius from day one and not one single person notices: semantics off the radar of their human perception. I have been working on this degree since 2002 but it was always built around this master project. Because I knew if I could convince a young girl to take up philosophy by romancing her into the subjects, then eventually as the content was realised I would romance many young girls into philosophy and as a result start a human revolution where the philosopher kings and queens will rule the media. Because in order for guys to win the hearts of such golden girls they would be required to also follow in those footprints. Thus when this happens our New World Order has begun and in time you will see Plato's Republic unravel onto our world. Because the Kingdom of God is found within and when we examine that within from outside over long periods of time, then we will see that Kingdom come to fruition: God's Kingdom. It would only take a few handfuls of people doing this well to shake the entire world.

Have I made the point clear as to what I am doing with my cognitive functionality? I have manipulated it so the moments in time in which I capture connect the neurological pathways on the times encapsulated which then brings into the foreground the consciousness and knowledge-base in which the imitation possesses. This means that my memory span is unlimited and because I planted cryptic messages throughout my work as I went, I always have a bone to chase making its potential discoveries both individually and collectively invaluable. If others learned how to decode the syntax I use to present semantics that remain behind the thought and outside of words: the psychology in which it took to produce the words, then yo can in a way receive a biological enhancement of a captchyo of my own psychology. Everything that I know is open source and available for everybody! And if I did my job correctly, once I teach others how I did this, they can then also inherit my train of thought and not its content: for all of its content is derived from simple foundation principles and every imitation has different wisdom to convey. If I can digitally transmit such data to myself to rebuild past selves before me, this means those who can reach my heights and understand what I did can also access the knowledge-base of every single one of my clones. The process would also teach them to start making clones of their own to not only begin their own destiny to freedom but also communicate back at me in the same manner: a real education system being nothing more than a real-life MMORPG.

The cognitive repercussions of such manipulations of time and its past becoming its present is extremely stressful on the psychology once it returns from its very real dream. The moving story of its own creation just retold to itself in order to pull at its own heart strings. For the tears shed in one scene will also be shed in many others. The perception once attained now reinstated, however viewing side by side with its more up to date version. The stories of our past not only become real and living to ourselves, but also other people who will be enlightened through our own collection of perspectives. The characters in which we play are who we become, and then we become other ones. The identity of the individual caught up in countless personifications, but all of them constituting in a very real sense, the characters which are enacted.

I have considered this over many years and I will not always conform to collectively acceptable methods of referencing, nor will I conform to your word limits: oppression is oppression any way you frame it. We need to gear these systems for efficiency and when we include the source in our films, one can go to that book and control+f, "type a few of its words together", search. We are the new generation and need to save time on mundane tasks so that we can focus on the more important semantic related problems. Syntax is awesome but a seemingly infinite amount of syntactical approaches can be utilised to represent any given semantics: a simple program varying drastically in approaches to create that result. Thus the sustenance of human life is found in those semantics and not its syntax: its syntax only acting as structures to guide our thoughts to the individual internal vision - are my "mistakes" beautiful or ugly, intentional or absent minded? --: for I do not make mistakes as they are my most cherished property. Why are you so hung up on them when they are merely the syntactical approach to direct yo to X semantics? Our modern day education system has a lot of ethical violations to answer for and it will one day be WE the people who force such conglomerates to take accountability for not only their actions but also their enforced procedures which do great damage over long periods of time to many people. For which is the greater sin? To do something wrong once or thrice or even many times, or to enforce evil everyday implemented directly into the everyday lives of the population?

But I will end with honesty. I do not know how this will all end up. All I know is that I saw something attacking others and I had to figure out how to help them defend themselves from it. At first I perceived it as strange lights but later began to see its appearance. It however was too stupid to see me so I stood back and acted like I did not see them. I used my camera to captchyo the darkness until it revealed itself to me. And when this happened, I became their master. For I have stood up to the world's most powerful forces and won because once the darkness saw that I was its dominant, yo was eager to turn back to yo origin: the light of daimons will in time shine back into the angels that they are.

For the process taught me who I am and what I am now to do. And I am now to call all of those destined to rise, to rise! For this is the greatest spell in the world and will eventually land us peace. If U R YO then I encourage yo to stand up. Because now is the time for God is unfolding Its plan. But back to the truth, I am alone. I obsess over my work but ultimately it destroyed me. I am taking on this university (and as a result society) single handedly. But I am a time traveller and will continue to use these constructed pieces to change the past to be seen and repaired in its future. Besides what is living within me, I am alone in this life. None of this will work if I don't get other people supporting its development. But that will be funny because in time... Galileo figaro magnifico! Our own human stupidity will be reflected right back in our faces. I will save the world alone if I have to. I will prepare the best conditions for my Ivory to rise.

For the characters become when they create. But as they create they finish the creation at its origins. This means that whatever personifications yo took on actually came from the self. In essence this means that yo did not become this, for yo was already this, and yo merely became that by fine tuning its physical, mental, and spiritual capabilities. I might take on a new role as a character in my environment in which I deeply connected with, and in a certain sense this process did make me that character. But a new character is not implemented into its processing without careful consideration. For the task of becoming a character is the task of placing oneself in the perceptual apparatus of that character. Many of the characters in which I chose, I chose because they had insight that I wanted and the only way to understand them was to be them. The process works very similarly to how yo absorb information from yo clones. Because when yo can identify any yo's thought pattern, yo can utilise their abilities by using that yo's mind to analyse yo own topic. Thus what I provide is not only the methodology to obtain the ability to do what I can do, but also my entire archives of thought processes, each imprint holding within it a unique and abundant knowledge-base, very different from my own "real" one. To be honest, doing what I am doing will leave you as many personifications, each ready to jump into character when the moment is right. For if I am not to believe myself, who then should I believe? And if outside sources have consistently failed to provide solutions, inside ones must be implemented in order to close the gap. And if that neurological output does not conform to social norms, then that is because of Mice and Men. And when mice cast judgement on men, we are left with an inferior gene pool thanks to the day to day practices of the 99% mice against the 1% men: the ones you crucify today but then praise after you kill them tomorrow.