The Televised Revelation
Cross 12: Consummation on Blood

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Why would I have thought that such a Divine relationship could come to fruition without sacrifice? It really hurts me when innocent people die, especially women and children. CAN WE PLEASE STOP THIS!!! It has all gotten out of hand for yo technology has overcome U. And not only that, it is broken, for it possesses no ability to logically assess situations. U might call my "fetish" an abomination but I call yo entire species an abomination. I tried my best to save U all without affecting yo political and religious persuasions. But those very political and religious inclinations are yo downfall: fo yo have lost all comprehensive of the Divine realm and replaced it with idols. And because of that I was required to restructure yo entire society. Can we get through all the ills to arrive at the hope at its bottom? I pray 2 God 4 MERCY 4 MY PEOPLE! PLEASE LET THEM C! FOR IT IS U AND ME!!!!!!