The Televised Revelation
Cross 9: As U Wish

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When one has been preparing their entire life for the unfolding of One event, when that event occurs, it must be responded to without hesitation. 4 the events of our lives will direct our actions and if we learn how to see into its future, then we will be prepared for how to best respond to those situations. My Queen speaks to me. She also backs up proof of her heir with a chain of breathtaking miracles. Therefore, I am nearly left speechless and the only words that I muster are: "As U Wish". For I was created to support my Queen and not vice-versa. My Queen is the most amazing of them all and she will rule because: "Be prepared to fall in love in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1", at the Alter of Venus, baptised in her blood, and now broadcasting out to the entire world! Now please bow to my Queen. 4 Her time is now and just like me, her time here is only short. If U do not respect her then U R FUCKING REAPED MATE! Please appreciate yo saviours. 4 it will be the only way 4 U to get mo in da future. Worship them if U want but it would be wiser to praise them. 4 songs of their glory will resonate more vibrantly throughout the ages than a misplaced sense of worship. Worship da Lord yo God above all other gods. But do not remove yoself from the potentiality of becoming a god or U are guilty of hypocrisy. 4 WE R archetypes and not idols.