The Televised Revelation
Cross 5: Forbidden Love of Venus and Mars

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The day for holding on to the memories of our fallen soldiers is over. For our future shall honour life by replacing war with diplomacy. I gave my entire life life to U world in attempts to avoid these problems reaching this point BECAUSE I knew they would if we did not take affirmative action. But U all slandered, abused, and incarcerated me. Now everything that I have prophesied in my past has come to fruition, which means that U struck me down even though I was right about absolutely everything I presented. This is a grave injustice and yo entire world is now being judged. Yo missed the blood sacrifice that I warned U about and failed to protect the city of my Heart. Now my Queen and I will join together and smite all who resist beneficial change that will result in bringing peace. For yo adult's war has now turned on yo children. When this happens, God loads JudgementDay.App and I am its detonator. Now U will pay for the blood on yo hands from yo own children.