The Televised Revelation
Cross 4: Inas Shawket

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Why did we have to murder her? She was 5 years old for God's sake! Yo war ran her over with a military vehicle intentionally and without provocation. Da blood be on each and every one of yo heads, for if yo cannot see the information that has been presenting in front of U, then U R part of the problem and U must spend the next few months rapidly improving the state of ya psychology because if U do not then U will not be prepared for what is about to happen. Because all of our future actions will be to protect our children and not the adults who screwed it all up fo them. I cry uncontrollably as I type this: you disgraceful species. I gave U the chance already and I literally died 4 U. And now I come back to C what U have made what I have taught U? I cry out yo blood money with my tears! Dispel and be gone! And it shall dispel yo sickness or I shall ensure yo eternal death no matta what yo do to my physical body!!!!!!