The Televised Revelation
Cross 3: WCN 4 2016

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Today I reclaim my birthright and stick the most powerful flag in its ground. For U have not only slaughtered and enslaved my Native people America, U have also violated natural laws by involving women, children, and civilians in general within yo wars. I pray that this announcement as to the takeover of da good ole' fucking US of A to be transformed to its intended gardens: for Atheden was its intended name and the Nazi Regime corrupted its prophet's messages. Now God has the entire nation under Its thumb because U R being judged. Yo past sins are forgiven but yo future action or inaction will not be acceptable and if Kings and Queens do not arise within yo everyday then we will execute the extermination protocol. For now yo can travel to far away spaces, and if yo are just going to exploit everything yo touch then We Angels of the first frontier are here to stop U from doing that by either teaching U how to be good stewards of our Earth, or if yo reject the beneficiary then allow both U and outside forces to clean up the mess of the stench that we have come to know as the corrupted human race.