The Televised Revelation
Cross 2: City of Love

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For three days and three nights I have wept. For I was here to help and I spent my life trying to avoid this. But then I posted a 6 episode show entitled World War III on November 12, 2015. And that was the very day it started because all of the events unfolded to incite it. But I predicted this very moment throughout my life and I clearly stated that if we did not fix these problems then we would suffer those consequences. My Heart bleeds 4 U because of what U have and what U will continue to experience. But if U promise to B with Me, then I give unto U eternal life. For when one disconnects demigods from their religions, they exclude the possibility of them becoming them. This means yo species is a failed experiment and U R required to come back to God or burn in the Hell that U created here on Earth AND there thereafter.