The Meaning of Life
Lecture 10: Building a Meaningful Life

1. Alcibiades
2. A Meaningful Life
3. Parables
4. The Mark of Humanity

March 9, 2012

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began. For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.
Acts 3:19-23


High tidings my friend. We have gone through a lot of different material and we have an overview of a lot of different perceptions and theory, and theory about how to put that theory in practice. We have been getting a lot of information and now it is time to contemplate what that information means and draw any relations to it. So welcome to lecture ten and this is the final lecture.

We will start out with a bit of a treat: a bit of an insight into the future. We will come to that from our last lecture which taught us some methods to overcome. And we do this through observing the individual thing so we can then learn the differences that it possesses but at the same time the similarities in which all of the genus of the species share and have in common. So we are tracking down what is common by looking at the individual thing that is not common.

This then gets us into methods for overcoming. And education is one of those things. Our education system is about to change, everything is about to change. But if you do not believe me then I am going to tell you a story to give you an insight into what the future is going to be like. You might not realise it but education is a smoking gun right now. So let us throw ourselves into the future that you can see what I see.

We have a lot of different teachers and those teachers have dedicated their entire lives towards a subject that interests them the most. They then come to learn these subjects as functionally and practically as possible so that they can then share with the world what it is that they have come to find. And these teachers will make money through donations. As you go through a course you start to learn the individual. So as you went through this you learned that there are many different distinct things about me that would not show themselves in most people. So we learn about this person through our studies and we come to development an empathy or concern for this person who has spent their time articulating their abstract so that they could then share this abstraction in a manner that they have understood best by putting all of the material into a structure which can be understood most effectively.

The students then have the option to then donate to these teachers. And because these teachers can provide their content to the entire world will then obtain a living from the donations from the people that chose to donate to them. And people could donate whatever they wanted or whatever their means was if they felt that they should contribute to the well-being of the teacher. What we are doing then is removing the education system which is controlled by government and we are removing that from the equation of a necessity in life. We are doing that by providing donation optional features to give these teachers an existence in which they can use then to study and analyse what their heart's passion leads them to.

Then these education courses will become available all throughout the Internet and you will get quality ones and you will get crap ones, but the quality ones will stand the test of time. And you will get different universities that will probably be new creations, new universities that are online that are free and they would make sure that they employ good teachers. The university does not have to do anything except exist as an intermediate between the teacher and the student. The university would act as a sign post to get them to that material. So the university would not have control and the control would all be in the teacher's hands.

We then see these teachers also learning from other teachers and learning these teachers and their individuality. Since we have removed the system, now we are teaching because we care about people. So then we are coming from a different student/teacher relationship. So now when you email your teacher, his or her reaction should be that of acceptance because these topics are really important to them: the topics that they are teaching are the most important topics that they have been able to find. So their interest then is into the topic and not the idea of obtaining a living out of it. But as a result they will obtain a living once the build and establish a reputation. And they do that through the test of time.

All of these teachers are then referencing other teachers and we get the best of the best that are collaborating and synthesising ideas. And all of this would be open source; we are open sourcing the world, so using public domain books. They would be sharing each other's information. Since all of this is available on the Internet then the media distribution will go from paper to an electronic form. And over time this electronic format will become widely available and it will be extremely easy to publish information and then share that information in an easy manner. So we can then all connect and talk out these topics because we live on this world together in the same time. We should not just be talking about these topics with dead people. We should be talking them out in our own life and our own existence with our own circumstances.

This is opening up doors everywhere. The methods that we have been learning over this course will teach you how to be able to see things like this because you learn to look at the nature and then judge the reactions from the nature and how it would start those reactions. And we look at through the environment. We can see now a new floor, a new forum, available to educated people to share and distribute information. And these educated people will then create and share more ideals that will change the world. There is going to be a huge boom. Once this process is refined enough to make it easy for everybody then there is going to be no excuse for anybody.

And this is going to change the way capitalism works and this is a reason why capitalism is a destroyer of itself. If we look at one point of view, within a job, in order to get a good job you either needed to do hard labour or to have a good qualification. And anything less would get you a low paying job. But what this is going to do over time, since the grades and stuff is not important because we are building character and not so much building certificates. It is the individual and not the collective doing the work. So then we are going to be looking at people back from the collective to the individual. So should I hire this person? Well let's look at this individual and their traits and not a piece of paper. So their traits and what they have studied will manifest themselves in their actions and they will be able to look at their character to see if they are appropriate for the job. So our employment scheme as a result of this Internet education will completely change. It will give opportunities to many many people around the world, especially third-world countries, to grab a hold of their lives and then place it where they believe that it should be.

And there is more! We can keep on thinking about more and more different ramifications of this education happening. So all of these teachers need to make this step towards this reform, otherwise you are going to be destroyed: evolution will wipe off its dead skin. So the teachers out there need to start thinking about this. And not only that, those who have the ability to teach university grade courses should then organise their content that they have to share in a receptive manner and then post it up. And when you do that you are giving a gift to the world that will either stand the test of time if your passion and thought was in a correct manner or will be destroyed with all of the other crap of the world. But we should all do this and we will start to see the stars. A lot of these stars are stagnant but the thing is you have to come in before you go out. Think of a black hole. So let us just do as nature has intended and it is time for us to start our new golden age. But this is a little bit away but this is what you can start to think about because this is what is going to happen.

In saying this the primary and secondary level education systems, so elementary, middle, and high, if you are in America or wherever you are that does whatever systems. They will become superseded and then the parents will have to train these children to learn the information that they need as they have it all at their fingertips. It could be possible that schools might end up just having the child come in and stay on the computer the entire day. But that is probably not good for the child either so we need to start thinking of healthy ways that we can employ this revolution of education and when we do this we are going to have an entire conscious revolution. And this is what I was talking about before; everything is going to change and we now possess the tools to make it happen and now only need to learn how to use those tools.

A lot of these conceptions are Pantheist which is like God is in everything. And I have been expounding on some of these topics and they have been resonating through the course. Spinoza from Amsterdam (who ended up getting exiled from his people because of his views) acted to open our eyes up towards religious tolerance and he really did. And he was in a good place for it too because Amsterdam was one of the most tolerant places around. So I just wanted to mention him so you can further investigate him.

We have mentioned Epicurus a few times but there was a specific part that I wanted to mention him now and that is communities. And he said that what we need to do is find our create small communities with people that we have come to love in our life and work on our relationships while studying everything and also learning how to control our desires. He loved sensations; he started a type of hedonism but it was through an ascetic method. Through asceticism we can learn to overcome the limits of our body. But the history of asceticism disliked the body and looked at the body in a negative evil light. However, from this method of Epicurus, the body is a part of a thing to love; it is a part of the nature that it comes from. And I think we should do that. I do not think that we should despise the body. The body is a wonderful creation and we should resonate that through our body.

That is Epicurus and I just wanted to mention that because I do have some inclinations towards small communities. I am going to be trying to start a commune. But we will see how that goes. I have a lot of plans in life. I reach high but I tend to get there, just not the way that I thought that I would.

Throughout all of these lectures, different themes that have come up, the core of it is "why follow?. Why should you follow the crowd? The crowd has shown its obnoxiousness and lack of particularity in every scenario we know. If you are choosing to follow the crowd, which every body does choose to follow the crowd, and you know that you are following a fallible source; it is not a good thing to follow. So why are we doing it? We need to step back and look at why we do the things that we do. And this comes through objective reflection on our own lives and the entire history of our own lives. This is both good and bad that we are taking on and we are accepting it all and learning from it and then synthesising it to understand the direction that we need to take in the future.

This comes back to the boulder with Sisyphus and the cross and our being bound. So how are we bound? We are bound by people. People oppress other people and to rely on people is to rely on a fallible creature that in many cases is not reliable. So how do we fix that? We have to search for "the drug". And I am not talking about a substance but a method to overcome the issue we are speaking of. So "the drug" then acts as a tool to get us to a healthy state of existence. Through this process we get to an apex of ourselves. We are always going higher but an apex of the potential self that is realised. So every moment becomes the best moment possible. And this happens through acceptance because once we accept, what we accepted no longer burdens us.

This brings us back to Plato's cave. We are sitting in a cave chained up staring at a wall. There is a fire behind us and our captors are walking are and their figures are casting shadows on the wall. And we understand the shadows to be real existence. In fact those shadows are not real existence. They are actually being cast off from the reflection of light from the person walking in front of the fire. The philosopher's objective is to break these chains which they spend their lives doing. And once they break their chains they stand up and look around and are able to see that these shadows are being cast from the fire. And when they walk out they discover a new reality. The next step is that they go back in to attempt to free their fellow man. And their fellow man thinks they are crazy which we can see! I am crazy, apparently. But you are what you are.

I want to talk about my chains for a little bit and how I have broken my chains. I am the judge of no one but myself. So how you live your life is your decision and I am not going to condemn you for that. But for my life employment always held me down. And that was because for one I did not sleep much, and I do not sleep much. And I like to sleep whenever so I got tired at work sometimes because I wanted to take a nap or something and was not able to do it. And I am unable to do the whole sleep at night every night thing. {I have delayed sleep phase disorder}

So it was a tough journey and I was treated poorly throughout my employment even though I did a really good job. So I got frustrated because I was not being respected for the job that I performed. And throughout the information technology industry that is how it is. So I was working for like nine or ten years and I had to get out of it. What I ended up doing is spending time on my psychology to no longer value the money that came in from it and then I was able to treat them with less care about the status of my job. So they knew that I would just quit quickly and they would make provisions to me so that I would not do that, because I did not care. And I went without jobs for a long time. So I have slowly been pulling myself away from money.

And that is a big issue. Money and material things. I now have one bag and it all fits on my back. It is a big bag and I have everything that I need to live comfortably in there. And that was removing my chains. As far as social situations, if the people that I spend with do not appreciate me doing that (because I appreciate them spending their time with me) and if they do not do the same and do not respect me then I will not stay in the situation. And I end up without anyone. But that is okay because I would rather be without anyone than in the middle of an unhealthy situation that had no hope to be resolved. So I broke my chains from people.

These are just little bits and I am not going to tell you the entire story but everything fits. This whole course has been a life project and I will talk about that shortly. But those are some of the types of chains that you can start looking for whenever you are uncomfortable with something, there is a reason why you are uncomfortable with it. And if you analyse the reasons why you are uncomfortable with it then you can create methods to overcome it.

So the course has ended and there is not much left to go so where are we to go from here? What is the next step? I presented some pretty significant books to you throughout our time together and now it might be the time to go back and read the entire things. That will keep you busy and also give you an insight into some of the wisdom around that has to be shared. And there is the Gutenberg Project which is a place for public domain books. And LibriVox is where you are getting the audio books. So between the two you have resources available to you to increase your capabilities, learning, and availability of what you have access to.

In addition there is easy methods for a pirate to steal copies of some of the new philosophy from the philosophers from the Internet easily in an electronic format. So there are many different places around the Internet that you can get copies of books that are not public domain. But that is illegal... Yeah...

So then we look at the world; we have gone from ourselves, from ourselves, what we are doing to ourselves; we look at ourselves from the keyhole to wake ourselves up. And then we align ourselves with ourselves and then we look at the world. This world, hat am I doing to it? What are the ramifications of that? After we align that, what about my species? What am I doing for my species? How can I say that I am contributing for the species that I am. We are looking at responsibilities that someone has. And after we look at the species, what about this universe? All that we think we know and a lot of other stuff that we do not know exists within it. What are our responsibilities to the universe? And this will become a big question as our human technology and development grows because we will no longer be limited to location when we come to further understand our own laws that are surrounding the universe that we live in about space and time.

What we need to do then is take a slow step back. We need to step back from everything and then look at what it is that we are dealing with, with every topic. What topic am I dealing with? And once we come to learn what we are dealing with and the different perspectives involved, we like philosophy become an ever sharpening blade of development. And when we get downhearted about the way things are, we can look at the ideal that we have created and how far we have come to creating that ideal.

Through this action comes ramifications and if we can think of Sisyphus and his pushing up the boulder. This is our suffering. And if we can remember Socrates, we need to accept suffering, and Socrates accepted his own death because it was his highest good because it was what was done by a democratic vote. And he endured the ramifications of what he understood as the highest good.

All of this is independent of any religion. So any belief or lack of belief, we are still dealing with the same topics. Whether you believe in God or not is not an issue for these topics that we are dealing with. You still have the same one choice that everybody else in this world has. This then shows us our subjective interpretation. We are always looking at the world from one point of view and can never get out of that one point of view. So those are our limits. We can stretch our limits to their maximum potential but we can not go beyond those limits.

When we think about where we are actually going in the whole scheme of things then we come to find that we are on a lonely journey. And this is because ideals like this are not common practice... currently. And this is because the way society has been directed from the results of its history. And we can either choose to go beyond the problems that its history showed us or wallow within them until we go down the drain.

All of these questions that keep on coming up point to the question itself. We need to always question beliefs. And when we question those beliefs we can come to greater understand what it is that we are dealing with. When something is claimed then the question can refine the claim and make it more clear in all who then share and receive this information because everything is constantly developing.

Through this we become the seeker, yep, the seeker. And the path of the seeker is superman. So from seeking they slowly find and this building then creates a superman. And that is the purpose of human; is to overcome itself. And that is the meaning of life. Because if you look at our evolution and the way that our species is growing, this is the way that it is pointing. And the details of that meaning is a subjective interpretation so that meaning is then allowed to be constantly refined.

Anything less of this choice is a total cop-out and you are acting in an immoral manner if you do not accept your destiny. If you do not carry your cross then you are not doing the right thing. And you Atheist also need to carry your cross and I do not care what arguments that you throw at me about that; we need to start looking a bit more metaphorical instead of saying things are like we say they are. And that is what this whole thing has been about.

Everything that you have come to see and shared with through this course is a life project. This is a lot of information coming together in a certain way in one persons head. This is the fruits of my life so far as it stands so far right now. And I am not saying that this is the only information that I have studied because oh boy have I studied. But there are things that resonate and relate and this is the best manner that I was able to articulate: the basic and repetitive meanings that I found through patterns that existed within philosophy and religion.

So this is definitely not something spare of the moment. However, it kind of is as far as it came about very quickly once the gaps were filled. In all of this I want to tell you about my financial situation. I do not have a job because my job is what you are receiving right now. I spend all of my time revolved around these difficult topics. And I am a student too and I get a very meagre allowance from the government and I manage to live off of that. A lot of time I do not, but that is okay because the life that I have chosen I need to learn how to go without, so a lot of times I do go without. But I do not mind that at all; that helps me.

But saying that I do not want to rely on the government for the rest of my life. So I am going to just mention that you are welcome to give me a donation. If you would like you can donate to me on my website. I eventually want to be able to make a meagre living without the government by producing this material. And this is what I have to share with the world; this is my gifts and I am making everything of these gifts. And I believe that we should be able to live off of the gifts that we hone in on and share without a feeling of trying to take something off of another. And I do not want to take anything off of you so if you have any reservations do not give me anything.

But I put a lot of work and thought into this and if it made any difference on your life and helped you see some things then I would appreciate if you donate whatever value that you believe this course has brought into your life. And then we can work together and continue different systems like this and show that systems of this type of teaching are an effective method of learning and the teachers are able to sustain a living from it. This is important because we are not going to get these teachers that throw their whole lives away just to die in a gutter {except me} so we need to find ways to help sustain this online teaching and that would be through donations. So if you would like to give a donation then please do not hesitate to.

Then we come to an end. Everything has been really great because it has come together in a fashion that has been more than satisfactory to me. I messed up a lot of times. I refereed to the wrong things and I have mispronounced names and that is just the follies of our kind. Once a creation has happened and it is good enough to be published then I can not spend my time to redo it in a method that is better because I can spend my time to give more information. Since it is adequate or even above adequate then it will suffice. And this comes into being content with the creation that we create even if it is not perfect. But the thing is that we are always working towards Arete, which is one of the tattoos on my arm which is excellence. And through these processes we are always getting better. So as I become then you too can also become. And the way that you do that is through your conscious seconds that have been given to you. So let us utilise these. We have a whole bunch of them. And we can become so much, the spectrum is infinite. So let us claim our inheritance of the infinity and strive towards it.

Peace be with you and good luck on your journey for truth. We have an exam. This exam is life. How you live your life and the actions that you choose are going to affect absolutely everything. It is this life that you will be tested on and I wish you luck in that test for it will be a difficult test. And when you accomplish one difficult question and you think you are on to an easy one, you will run into a problem that you must overcome in order to continue and complete the exam. But I would take your time on that exam because that exam is an important exam.

I forgot the relevant readings so we will quickly go through that. We have Arthur Schopenhauer On Pessimism again and it is the end chapter, it is called Parables. It goes through a whole bunch of different parables and the way that I recommend you study this is to write down one a day and think about that parable the entire day. So use your mind to think of all of the different perspectives of the parable instead of saying, "oh ok, I have read it, it is done". Actually use your mind to deeply consider what Arthur Schopenhauer is saying. His parables are good, I like this part, so you should enjoy that.

The next reading is from an author that is very dear to my heart. His name is Wendell Charles NeSmith and this article is called The Mark of Humanity. And this goes through a different perspective of the creation story and the ramifications of that creation story. I hope you enjoy that article and that is the course. I hope you have enjoyed everything. God bless! I am excited that I finished this. It has been hard work.