The Meaning of Life
Lecture 7: God

1. Praise Jesus
2. God
3. Toleration
4. Zarathustra

Released: March 9, 2012

But if from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul. When thou art in tribulation, and all these things are come upon thee, even in the latter days, if thou turn to the Lord thy God, and shalt be obedient unto his voice; (For the Lord thy God is a merciful God;) he will not forsake thee, neither destroy thee, nor forget the covenant of thy fathers which he sware unto them.
Acts 17:29-31


Greetings and welcome to lecture 7. I am not going to lie, I have been looking forward to this lecture. There is a lot of topics that I wanted to talk about. Start off with Alcibiades in the recommended reading that I pointed out last lecture if you want to go and do your own research which you can get on Plato's Symposium. There is an Alcibiades speech at the end of it that we didn't get to yet in our required reading in lecture two so I recommend you go and get that from either the Gutenberg Project or LibriVox. You can get the electronic version or the audio version. Go through discourse that Alcibiades speaks of about how he is seeing Socrates as the ideal man that he so understands and desires to be but can't actualise. And that is how most of us are in the world is we see that image of what we aspire to be but we can never become that image. The discourse is leading into our strife to be that form of that idea that we have of the most virtuous and greatest person that we can conceive of. But to actualise that process is a different matter. And I want us to think about that before we go in the topic of God.

In the beginning of Greek culture it was polytheist but it was revolved around mythology, which these were gods that had lives similar to humans but with god trait characteristics. And they all portrayed some type of meaning and they had storytelling and plays and other types of things that were revolved around portraying the stories of the gods. And these stories then portray some deeper meaning through the use of some situations which human can learn from by a certain virtue or folly that is committed through the actions of the god's. We can see this also in Hinduism with multiple gods having different functions and roles within their schematics and their roles portraying some deeper meaning of humanity that we can relate to.

And then we get the monotheistic perspective which comes from polytheism with one God. This was actually told to Abraham that all of these other god's that are within the spectrum of polytheistic religions are actually false idols because "I" am only one. And his name was El. That was the ruler of all of the god's, so he was cutting himself to the other god's. Then Abraham spread to Moses who lead the Jews (Hebrews) towards the promise land.

We then get different perspectives on our ideologies about God. For example, the idea behind Bacchae (Dionysus) was similar to that of Jesus, which is that he is the son of God who died and then rose again to save you from yourself. And the way that you need to save yourself is through baptising and believing in him. So these conceptions were not necessarily new when Jesus came. In addition, there is Mythras which is another god with has a similar story.

We will investigate the philosophy now. We have the argument of design, which we live in a beautiful world and everything seems to be positioned very very articulately like it was a higher design, which served a particular purpose. Just like as we were to create, the humans go by their nature and create. Looking back at nature's nature we can also see that that is creating. That is a type of design implementation that must have a designer. This is closely connected with the first cause, which there must be a first cause because every reaction has an action and nothing can create itself, so their must of been something to create all of this that neither needed to be created or destroyed that it too could create. So that is the first cause,; the chicken or egg perspective. And whatever that first cause was is God.

Then we have Pascal's Wager, which Pascal say's well, if I believe in God and I am wrong, it does not matter. If I do not believe in God and I am right, it does not matter. But if I am wrong then I have that much to lose.

Then we have the problem of evil. Why is there evil in the world? There must be no God. The reply to that is that evil necessitates good for without evil there would be no good. However, this argument necessitates that God is a benevolent and omniscient God. So we are assuming a few things with these perspectives. Additionally we see that "God" does not manifest Himself in the world as something that we can comprehend as a manifestation of God, therefore there is no God.

We see suffering and we see in nature also suffering, so suffering appears everywhere and if all of this suffering exists then how can God exist? Or if God does exist then maybe He is not worth following if He allows all of this suffering to occur. Additionally, there is the perspective that God exist but there is no hell because a loving God would not condemn anybody. This also leads us to Pantheism, which is God is in everything and that we can align ourselves with that everything to be within and part of God. As far as our suffering nature, we have been given equipment to utilise if we so desire . We have the ability to overcome the problems in which we face but it requires us to face those problems in order to go beyond them. This is not saying God or no God. This is just the fact that there is something there and we can choose to or not to. And this choice is really matters in everybody's life. And that is one of the themes of the course.

With Pantheism we are led to a "whole" being observed. And this whole is seen from the individual. So we perceive such an individual and unique anything, because everything is so individual and unique, and we can identify it as a whole. So if we see a dog that is very specific and unique and has its own little personality traits that are quite cool, it is still a dog. So we are getting this contradiction that seems to have relations between them. So we are getting the smallest of the small which is so individual in its presentation and functions. And we are also getting the largest of the large which is part of everything which exists as a whole. And the spirit lives somewhere in between. That is when we get consciousness to perceive some of these different perspectives. The senses that we have been given or born with are senses that can be developed and evolved. We are not stagnant creatures.

I just want to tell you a little bit about my experience and that will help you understand where I am coming from. Most of the last year was spent in the wilderness. Just travelling around from spot to spot in the wilderness and learning how to live and be a part of the wilderness. At first the wilderness did not really care for me but eventually I shed the smell of civilisation and now nature loves and accepts me for everything that I have to offer it and it has to offer me.

I have seen so many different animals but not just seen but hung out with. I have hung out with huge pythons as long as a train carriage. I have hung out with goannas as big as me but four times the weight (at least it looked like it). Huge lizards, many tiny lizards, wallabies, numbats, wombats, kangaroos, some koalas, lots of different types of birds, lots of different types of interesting insects. And I just make welcome everything that comes along and what generally happens is an interesting animal will come up to me and what we will do is spend a while just watching each other. And we just observe how we act and our detail, so I am looking at the detail in whatever the patterns that it has... I am learning from its representation; I am learning from the individual so that I can learn the whole. And it works. It works well. And then I learn how to act in accordance with the creatures nature while also respecting its individuality. I then build an intuition how to react to certain animals that come across me if I do not want to scare them off.

I have come across many poisonous snakes and it is all about the energy that you give off. And I want to live in harmony with everything so they feel your intention. What usually happens with poisonous snakes is I just bow to them and then just slowly move away and then they follow suit. And I have never had a problem. I have never been attacked. And spiders are not too bad either. You can learn live with a lot of your nature. Leeches are annoying and mosquito can sometimes get bad, and ticks are not very good either. But as far as everything else, most of it wants to live happily with you if you only give it the chance. And our civilisation messes that up a lot.

But throughout viewing all of these beautiful animals, and not just the animals but scenery because I am constantly moving around from place to place. And the places that I go to are absolutely beautiful. So I am seeing individuality as far as the trees that I live within. And then I see the whole of the beauty as a distant perspective of the view. I always notice that the view is always prettier than when you get there. You are constantly going somewhere that is better and more beautiful but when you get there you get let down because it is not as good as it looked from far away. So then you got to be okay. You got to be happy and content with every step that you take and not make it anything more than it is.

Through all of this, and not just this but through my life and studies, because I study and study; I study in the bush, that is all that I do. And my practising of martial arts and meditation and life problems that I have that have haunted my mind for a long time.

I have experienced suicidal ideations throughout most of my life. I never actualised anything but the topic of suicide I find a valid topic that is something that we should talk about and bring about so we can learn how to treat the problem instead of just trying to suppress the conditions that have been activated from the problem. So there is a lot of work I think we need to do on suicide because suicide is a big topic and companies that people contact to get help are not actually helping. They are just putting a band aid on an infection and that needs to be solved. And I work to solve that because I have had experience because most of the people that you deal with within the suicide "help" resources have not been there themselves. So we need some type of compassion from the people who are actually experiencing it to fix that problem or help treat that problem so that one day it might fade away from our human existence.

Through all of this though I noticed patterns. I have always noticed patterns but I could not pinpoint the patterns. I was always confused about how it all linked. But I knew it linked and I felt everything linking but I could not articulate that abstraction. So I would study and study and study and learn more and more and more. Over the last six months I have been connecting all of the dots. And all of the patterns that went through philosophy and how they all connected into a single whole. So I started off with the individual details within philosophy and I worked my self up to understand the whole, or at least understand the whole on a better level than I previously did. And I believe that it has all clicked for me to understand the whole and now I am filling in all of the gaps of the whole. But in saying that, I know that I know nothing and tomorrow I could learn something different changes everything. But we got to take man for its glories and its follies.

Through this whole process of living in this spirit, of this living spirit that is constantly changing and as time and continuity go by, and learning from this spirit and wisdom that is within everything, not just the nature but the text that I am reading within certain people that manage to do a lot of good as far as ideals in our human existence. And through this process we come to know God more. God becomes more known to us and the whole starts to show itself. But in saying that the whole is an infinite spectrum so it is incomprehensible to the human mind. This conception of God being infinite. The whole fact that is incomprehensible fills a gap by living and breathing within that spirit of God because you become an active member of the whole existence and have accepted that you are only part of. But that part of can become as grand as he or she makes it; makes of what they are given.

The created and the creator are two different sides of the spectrum and we have the created which we observe, so nature or a watch, and then we then learn from that the whole. So if I learn about a watch then we can about the watch maker. And if I learn about a tree then I learn about the tree make. And if I learn about a rabbit then I can learn about the rabbit maker. And all of these makers are a part of the one living spirit which is part in everything which is part of that one.

And then we have the love of wisdom, which is philosophy. Philo is love and sophia is wisdom, so we have the love of wisdom. And the love of wisdom is health. And wisdom is perfect health. And the love of wisdom is somewhere in between health and sickness. But if it is directed an honed in on then it will be closer to health than sickness.

So if we embrace the nature of things. So if we learn to look behind the rabbit and behind the tree of existence, and us. Then we can start to build a conception of what is involved when we are speaking of God. And it is these things that allow us to live in harmony our surroundings. For when we in harmony with all that is within our ecosystem then we are being a proficient member of that ecosystem and we are encouraging that ecosystem to flourish and become everything that it is. But when we start to extract and exploit natural resources within that ecosystem and cause suffering within nature then what we are doing is not of a kind and compassionate manner and we will either be eradicated from it or learn how to overcome because of it. Because all good things will come to pass as evolution will either stomp us out or we will flourish and continue to develop.

So we get in this living spirit thing and then it becomes about one belief. And this is what I was saying before and that is that I have one "belief" that is of a solid stance. And that is God. I do my best to not have any other beliefs and I have spent a long time to eradicate as many beliefs as I could because I did not like beliefs because they were confining. I find it difficult to function in a confining environment which is why I have tried to break out of it my entire life and this is why you do not see me in an office. But instead in the bush. And I have not paid rent or any money to live for the past year to merely exist. I do not "believe" that we should have to exchange money to be an existing creature. If we are paying for commodities or something like that, I think it is a little unless it is bare necessities. But that is politics and maybe I will discuss a little bit about that in Why Act Morally?.

So the one "belief" becomes a one God perspective which involves getting your spirit aligned with the nature of things so that you can become part of the individual and express the individual to the best as you can as well as be the exemplar of nature. And once we get that One alignment, then all of the other good things that come from of it will fruit and we will reap the consequences (good and bad) of our choices of spirit alignment. So this one "leap of faith" as Kierkegaard says, is the paradox in which I stand on the God issue. Anything beyond that is up for debate.

The way that I look at it is that anything that I "believe", any other alternatives must be of more worthy pursuits. So if I believe in God and I see another pursuit more worthy God then I can not believe in God and believe this other pursuit which is more worthy than God. And there is no other worthy than God. God is the most worthy understanding of all time, so then worship that understanding. So the belief of the greatest of everything is the belief that I hold. And then I want to learn what everybody else has to say about it so it can help me make my decisions better and give me basic indicators as to utilise when a situation in my life comes up where I might need to have that understanding to make a better decision; a more ethical and moral decision that is concerned around the important topics that are involved in the situation.

So then we come to the soul and our life is spent to purify this soul. Any blackness in it is to be eradicated but the the is is that we make this soul, so through actions we create that blackness. So then it takes actions to then paint it back the way it was. That is not very enticing for us since we were the ones to make the actions black to begin with. So this choice issue is a big topic within the soul and once our soul gets as purified as we can manage then we have been the best creature that could have been. I have thought of this being considered with once we die we are given a new body that the spirit could go into and be perfect. So our entire lives are spent to purify our soul so that when our soul goes into our perfect body then we can be a perfect creature.

This goes into the immortal soul which we covered a little bit about suffering. I a soul immortal? My answer for this is that we should not concern ourselves with such things. We can have a discussion about it but as far as anything goes, the matter of fact is that it is irrelevant whether our soul is immortal or not. We are give these conscious seconds to make use of and anything else would be trying to cling to something that we do not necessarily need: remember Buddhism. And our suffering is caused by this want of more, more life, more life, more life. But when we understand that it is not more life that we need but we need to utilise what life we are give. Then the situation gets flipped and we are placed in a different scenario in which we can make our decisions differently. So the whole striving for this more life is a folly, however in saying that I do not say that we do not have an immortal soul; I think it is likely and probable. And if I get passed to any other state of existence after my death that is better than this one then I would be sincerely grateful for that but I do not desire that as something to cling to; it is just something that could happen or maybe it doesn't. So we can avoid our suffering that comes along with wanting more life.

We also need to talk about organised religion. And this is difficult because we are talking about control and power and also doctrine and indoctrination from dogmas that have been created by fallible humans who in the "car" so to speak to drive to achieve power. So we have corruption that has been placed within organised religion. It is meant for the collective people and we lose sight of what the individual is in the process of church. The best way I would look at it is that if you go somewhere and they do not practice what they preach then it is not somewhere that is a place of God. For we need to practice what we preach and if we do not practice what we preach then the doctrines that we preach have holes in them. And we do not want to follow holey scriptures... Holy scriptures... Oh that is a good one.

In saying this, we have to be careful with organised religion. I have met some beautiful people from organised religion and I have met a lot of really cruel and obnoxious people within it. There is a whole game going on within church; within every church that I have been in. And you have to learn that game and play by their rules if you want to stay in it; I have been kicked out of a lot of churches.

The church should be worrying about worshipping God and that should be their focus; worshipping God and loving humanity. And that is not necessarily what they do. I have never been helped out by a church yet I have been to a lot of churches and I am a warrior of God; I spend every second following God. And I have only been persecuted within them. But there are some gems every once in a while so I am not condemning all of the people. But when you get those religions that do not fully devote themselves to that religion, just holding their belief in it without understanding of it, then you get hypocrites. They then corrupt what is going on even more and most of them do not even understand what it is that they preach, yet they somehow "believe" on it and if you question what it is that they believe they get defensive and angry. And that is just our whole humanity coming back on us from our pride and arrogance and then we act in manners of hubris, which is outrageous arrogance, so we need to learn how to work that out of us because that is definitely not a virtue. And if you are worshipping in the name of "God", then why are you practising follies that are obviously unhealthy characteristics within the human psychology?

That is my take on it but every time I see a church or something I will do a little bow and I respect that they are worshipping God, for worshipping God is the greatest good that I can find. Because God is the greatest good and everything that comes of God is part of everything that I interact with.

When we look a sustainability we can see that those who are hypocrites, their actions or their character does not hold strong. They will fall. Remember how I said time will tell? Time will tell all things. And time will tell if what they believe is a sustainable approach to belief. And it will rip apart what it is that they believe so if they do not have the proper structure then their ideas will eventually deteriorate and fade into the nothingness of everything. Whereas if they are on the right track; the right path; headed towards the right direction then these ideals will stand strong for a much long time. And sometimes these big ideas take a while to get out there but once they are out there then there is no going back. You can take our weapons, you can take our freedom, but you can not take our voice.

So we need to learn how to look at these red flags that pop up everywhere. If something does not connect;,if it doesn't make sense, if there is a problem in relation then we need to ask, "what is the truth". So then we find a lot of people that discredit the Muslim faith (Islam) by comparing it the terrorist. And the terrorist {might be} Muslim but that does not mean that they represent the Muslim faith at all. They have actually taken their faith to its extreme and taken it out of context like so many people have done, like the Roman Catholic Church, and like Saint Paul. And we learn that that is not the case. The Muslim faith are not terrorist and they actually have noble ideals if we just stop and listen to what they are talking about. So we need to be careful and analyse what information is fed to us.

For the Atheist, I wanted to just tell you that we are both on a planet that is a rock that has somehow formed life. And we are just flying through the nothingness of space and we will eventually be sucked back into the sun in which we came which will also be sucked back into the sun in which it came and again become one back into its minute dense particle that was managed to compress all of everything into. And when it pops out again, when it explodes again, that is when the Big Bang happens. So we are getting a repetition here. We are seeing a recursive: the infinite of God again. And we are on this planet! Look at what you see! Where did we come from and where are we going to return? And if we look at that from a physical manner, it was from an explosion that has been dispersed where bits and pieces of particles that were once dense masses exploded. There is the "God" for you to follow. And it is not that God but the living force within the actual happenings of that explosion and the results of the "seven days" that it took.

I wanted to close with a quote from Bacchae which is one of the god's, Dionysus which we were talking about before. And he is a bit of a god of misperception. "Let no mortal think that he is so wise that he can discern what god is. For the divine comes in many forms and wise is the man who allows his eyes to see the truth." So what this "God" is and what we perceive it to be are not necessarily the same thing. So what my Pantheist perception on this perspective of God has come through experience of the two sides of the coin. However, I would be unwise to say that I know that is the nature of God, for I know nothing because I am subjective being that is stuck in a subjective interpretation of that world. So what I discern God to be might be God but there is also other things that I am not considering. And if we think of Hume with the repetitions the "impressions" that he calls them. The 1, 2, 3... The scientific induction that we were talking about. We see that we can never know what causes anything because there is too many variables to understand and most of those variables we are probably unaware of and have no way of being able to find or make known. So we are still standing here on the Earth wondering why gravity functions as it does because even though we understand conceptions of gravity, we could never truly understand what gravity is.

You should learn how to be an independent student and research and check out Alcibiades. We are going to read some Locke about toleration, Christian toleration, toleration within religion. We are also going to read some Nietzsche about "God is dead". We are going to read a little bit of Zarathustra. We are going to read one of the beginning sections that talks about how we are on a tight rope hoping that we don't fall... and then we fall. And that is a really interesting read so I hope you enjoy.

God has been wonderful to me as of late. I am not going to lie, God pushed me through a whole lot and I had to be a good and faithful servant to Him. I was called about two years ago after my ex left me. And I was going to kill myself and I didn't because God steadied my hand. And ever since then God said that you gave your life to me, it is all mine. And I am just giving it back to Him I guess, because it was His to begin with. He steadied my hand and said, "You have a life and you are an intelligent person. You are very confused about some things. Let me help you clear those up. And the way that we are going to do that is through suffering. So my ex-wife left me. I was real sick and had to get better. I eventually went to America and my family didn't accept me the way that I wanted to be accepted.

I went to Melbourne but unfortunately before that some crap happened and ended up homeless, on the streets of Melbourne. So I was on the streets of Melbourne homeless as a faithful warrior of God, studying as well. I did a lot of walking and eventually walked to Bacchus Marsh. I did not have money for public transport so I just walked everywhere. And then ended up in Ballarat and lived in the bush there. I started under a tree, cold, freezing, it was freezing, it rained and hailed and even snowed there: I have a story about that one, but maybe tell that some other time. But probably not, maybe you want to be a friend, be a friend of mine.

And then I went and stayed with some friends in Perth and I studied there. And it gave me time to get through some of these biblical issues that I was having. And then I went to Nimbin, and I am in Nimbin now but I will be leaving Nimbin shortly. And I was not so sure of my life and how it was going to go. I just finished my philosophy major and did not know what was next. And I have been doing my website but it still has not gotten where I want it to be. And then everything started to come together, Nimbin has been wonderful for me to get my mind sorted out. It is a beautiful place with a few beautiful people. It has allowed me to study a great deal and connect all of the dots of what I have been studying.

I had a a "seeker" experience. As a seeker you are always looking for the unusual. Always looking for signs as to direct you to where you should go next. I have been lead to some pretty awesome places that have helped me understand copulas amounts and link them together over a very quick period of time. I have been able to learn how to unify how to study and my mind is working by itself now so I can focus on aligning my spirit. I just have to make sure that my mind continues to improve. But now since I have been spending it developing because I have pushed myself so hard.

All of my life I have I have been pushing so hard. And it is because I wanted the result that which I could not reach (think about Alcibiades). So I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed. And slowly over time that pushing became actualised. And from that actualisation I was able to achieve those results which I held as most divine. Very interestingly, what I found as most divine constantly changed and I was constantly throwing one opinion for another and then eventually I learned how to bring all of the opinions back up again. But each step of this was in God and pray all of the time. The idea for this whole course came from prayer and the structure of this course was just talking to God.

This all was going to be a book but then I thought about how in my past how books have not been very receptive and of course I would like to make a little bit of money so that I can feed myself without worrying about the government but at the same time my life isn't about money. And that is something that I had to learn. I had to get out of the mentality that philosophy would get me money in the end, just to be able to live. Philosophy is not about that. Philosophy is learning how to live. And with philosophy you can then learn how to make money based off how you live. So you are treating the root causes of all life by studying them. And that is why philosophy is really important to mankind and our reasons should be in unison. We should be singing and I want to listen for your voice. This is my voice.

In saying all of this I am not saying that you are a bad person if you are an Atheist or any other persuasion. I have met some great Atheist. I have also met a lot of bitter Atheist who probably are rightfully bitter because the way organised religion has conditioned and hurt many people along the way. It is kind of sad. But in saying all of this, look what we have right now. Look what course you are taking and what information you are being provided and hopefully this information will allow you to make better choices in your life and from those choices then we can unite our better choices and develop the world in the most efficient, love, compassionate, and flourishing manner possible. And I can only do that with you. So I call you, I call your ear and I appeal to your heart. We need to work together in this world if we are to get anywhere. And whether you are Atheist or Agnostic, or religious in some way, or spiritual, we need to holds and really start talking about what we are going to do to make things better for us, not only in the future but right now. And the only way that is going to happen is if you start to do something.

So that is what this course is about and it is hopefully persuading you and at least giving you reasons why you need to start utilising your conscious seconds. Because if this doesn't give you any reasons to do it then nothing is going to happen. And I want you to listen to your heart with it. I hope that you guys have enjoyed this lecture on God. I know this can be a really controversial topic and I am a pretty controversial type of guy.

This is the surface of the depth that the topic of God contains. So I am not telling you everything there is out there.; there is a lot. And we can learn from it all and all of this learning are things that we can attach to our consciousness, into our memory, and organise that so we can then become the wisest person that we so desire. For we do not want to be like Alcibiades and be unable to actualise the person who we see as a model which is unobtainable to us. How are we going to make that obtainable? Well I am giving you some tools to be able to do that right now. God bless guys!