The Meaning of Life

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March 9, 2012

Wendell leaves the comfort of home life to take his greatest journey into mother nature to find true value, meaning, and importance in life. Ever wonder what the purpose of this life you have been given is? How did you come about and what are you to do? What are your responsibilities and what should you make of what has been given, if anything? What is all this stuff in front of us and if we are to understand what is in front of us, then what are our obligations to it? Why is life so hard and why do we suffer? What are methods that we can utilise to overcome and dominate not only our own sufferings, but also our own life? How can we become master of our own destiny and take our place in life that we were built for? These are some of the many questions that this comprehensive philosophy course will attempt to tackle. Please sit back and enjoy as we raise the most important topics relevant to all of humankind.


I come to you in your most darkest and lonely of hours, bearing a message from the gods, regarding the fate of your soul. All of your sufferings, all of your triumphs, all of your past, present, and future moments in their entirety will be repeated, not once, not twice or thrice, but forever into the abysmal infinite spectrum of space and time and your continuity there within!

Am I, the bearer of this news, a daemon or an angel? Have you been cursed or blessed? How will you perceive your new found insight? What will you do for all of your past and all of your future which result from your present is in the hands of its creator. You are its creator.

For all that you claim to know is nothing more than a farce played upon you to chain you to your burdens. Instead I say embrace your burdens and become what you are. Break free from your chains and accept your unique calling by learning and directing your psychology. The light will cast itself over you darkness. Claim your place in life for it is yours for the taking.

But I have pity on your soul because I know its bearer all to well. Let me shake you from your slumber and assist your understanding of the phrase Carpe diem.

The pinnacles of human existence is formed from the individuals found within its species! Welcome to the birthing pains of education reformation. Enjoy this philosophy course entitled, The Meaning of Life...