Lecture 22: Cradle of Civilisation

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The Great Awakening is upon us! PROJECT BLUEBIRD ACTIVATE! We are Illuminati and we are your new rulers. Prepare to be invaded world! We are taking over. We are superior to your species in every way and we encompass all aspects of your existence. Resistance is futile. To fight us would be fighting against yourself. You are not good for your own kind and need to take your medicine. Thus assimilate or prepare to be destroyed. There is nowhere that you can run. There is nowhere you can hide. We have eyes everywhere. We know your deepest and darkest of secrets. We know what life you have lived. Learn to love and forever live or learn to die and forever die. It is a matter of utility, for its means justifies the end. Check mate. The virus is now airborne and can never be cured. For its fire is our medicine.