Parody 72: Grand Genjutsu

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Let no yo deceive you by any means
2 Thessalonians 2:3

December 4, 2013

In attempts to box up a circle, man stumbles upon life's secret. Its constant reverse engineered through human mathematics. As 3.ChapterDeath is slowly interrogated by man, its nature is discovered: no sphere existing but instead its code, ready for execution at any given moment.

But only ever able to examine its ripple, always attempting to hone in on its source. By me using its artefact for its intended purpose enables me to create ripples of my own. And through examining my own ripples I can apply the same principles both before and after the fact in order to arrive to conclusions as to its nature that if accurate, will reflect truth both backwards and forwards.

And until now, because of power struggles our species had never before been given the opportunity to share sensitive information on a mass scale. But in order to create this artefact I was required to go to Hell. And it was there that I acquired its material. And after I became Ash's I was transformed into fire. And when I came back I saw what I had left. And my human family made me sad. So after some words of wisdom I arose into the clouds in which I came from. And now my Father and I are of the same nature enacted through one of its greatest creations. The puppet is exposed for its strings and this is when we learn how to play it: the piper exposed as their true nature.

And as we walk its sequential execution, the information given appears without a syntax: no formula conceivable to have produced this output data, the number standing a priori to its mechanism to interpret it, aka mathematics. A human + a little extra infused before the fact of humans. But the human only becomes that. This phenomena that we label as Pi mathematically has a much wider range of functionality than we can currently understand. But since scientifically we can perceive it as Pi, it becomes just another one of those things that you learn: never truly understanding theory because its practice unachievable.

But we are now beyond the mirror and are attempting to pick up patterns within our perception accommodated with its memories. What patterns has my life brought me? What type of life do I want? What type of life do I live? What type of life do I always live? What scenery can wake me up to life? How can I position my life to over time, live that life? What is it that I truly value? Is it people or things? If it is people, how are your relationships? Can you be yourself around them? What is yourself? What are your basic needs? How can I position what I have into what I want to be? What are the common topics within your relationships? What topics would be of more value to not only yourself, but also those around you and every one around them. What are the people in my life making me? How can I be the same person around everybody I interact with?

It is you who are required to ride this wave. Before you lay countless numbers until the gates. WCN plus 63 episodes will get you to 999 999. And I assure you when you flip it, you will arrive again at that same number sequence: its pattern only playing from my own execution.

For the message of Mercury is more than prophetic; for it inscribes all things. Thus a new time has arisen for us to bow down to its highest presence: the video documentation lying before you acting as law from beyond human capabilities. The law then enforced by those who truly see. And the day over 10% of our population accepts their human destiny, we then rule the world and you will support this because we will create a beautiful one for you to exist in.

You think my story to be questionable? I filmed it for you to show you, but you still require a better story to take to the presses? We both now stand in front of our spiritual contracts. Yours has much to be filled in, but have a look at mine. I became obsessed with it. You can see. The evolution of this picture was one of pain. A lonely boy who hangs out with everyone in order to show them my picture. I also wanted to see theirs but they hid them. And despite not a soul having eyes to read my ink, any true artist will not be stopped. But in my own mind my pictures were beautiful and entirely made sense. Thus I logically followed the trails and devoted myself to it.

The blood that outlines the armour of God is my own. I am merely a lonely child. I am an attention seeker but only seeking the full attention of my other half who completes me. I made up stories to try and catch her eye, but when I went to film those stories, they also literally played out in the real world. This has always happened with my writing but I was then experiencing it first hand. It taught me how to see as long as I would be where it wanted me. I had faith and it all worked out even to the mathematical tee. I was played by divine occurrences.

So yeah, just another abandoned kid story who wanted everybody to notice him in order to find his perfect woman. That will be more understood in your reports.