Parody 67: Black Rain

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And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges.
Matthew 12:27

November 29, 2013

Today I was banned without justification or notification from kik's wall. This is the same wall that is mostly composed of sexual related requests to and from our youth. Educational photography that attempts to incite thought into them apparently are not an acceptable method of advertising. It is irrelevant that I do all of this on my own dime and ultimately merely want to talk about these life or death problems with our youth. But here is the huge problem: our youth have always been receptive to these subjects. But when you see this, you censor me.

Throughout my journey's I have never came across even one adult who cared about the facts that I present. But a huge portion of our youth do very much! But you as the adult deem words and actions of wisdom as a threat and will do anything to bury these thoughts. If your kids care so much, then why do you not? You have never had their interest in mind. You keep popping out more kids without being able to physically, mentally, or spiritually nurture them. Instead, you tell them to grow up and be like you, because of course this is what our world needs in times of severe distress that you caused.

This book [Ivory Heart] is going to be very long, at least in thought. And I know what content is going to be in its and our future. But you will not like it but at the end of the day that is not my fault, because facts will remain facts whether or not you believe them. Because the final words will reveal the violent nature of our near future. But this should not surprise you. Because when our youth realise that you exploit humans, animals, and nature, they will understand what needs to be done to purify our human race. And they will learn impartiality and eventually realise that you do not love them: for you merely brainwashed them into its polarisation and label it love. They will one day see through your farce and you will be judged literally, metaphorically, and allegorically. Because they will see how you inflict lives of suffering upon everybody merely to retain your unhealthy greedy lifestyles. And as the forces collide against themselves, soon after will the parent's and their children. You did not think you could get away with it did you? We will all pay for the consequences of our actions.

So now I am again alone and homeless: the youth who love me yet again removed from my existence. But this time is different. Because this time I personally deeply touched the heart's of over 5,000 of your children. And all around the world, children are now using open source education. And thanks to none of you wanting to help me with it, its curriculum is purely my own. I foresaw this when I started but you all considered me crazy. But now I (alive or dead) will single handedly train your children to rebel against you. And I do not care about your story. You had my entire life including childhood to give me even one worth respecting. But you failed. But you fail everything because living for the dollar removes your sight. And your children will now obtain unlimited fairy dust so they never have to obey pirates again. And one day the final battle will play out which will end with your ship sinking, leaving only an obese crocodile.

There has never been an adult who has understood me. This is because they do not want to understand because that would then force them to reconsider their oppressive lifestyles. But your innocent children have always been able to see. Over my life communicating with over 10,000 youth who want with all their heart open source education. But this would then deter them from following in your corrupt footsteps and as a result, I become your enemy. I started this project targeting adults and I am yet to find a single one who has ears to hear. But over 10,000 of your children do. And the majority of the rest would as well if they only were exposed to it. This is now the demands of your kids and not only me.

If you loved your children then you would provide them open source education. But you do not love them. You enslave them. You bring them up under a roof with a strict set of rules and chores in order to provide them their basic necessities. You talk down to them and laugh off deep and meaningful questions their developing minds hunger for. You force them to revolve around your own world and do not enable them to make theirs. You are inconsiderate of their needs and replace them with what you consider their needs to be. You send them off to the babysitter called "school" so that you can work to increase your "riches". Time and time again you sit them down to lecture them about how irrelevant characteristic traits of their own are inappropriate under your roof. Your own failed psychology tries to burn theirs before it blossoms.

We live in a world that wants to kill all pedophiles, yet there is one right here who the majority of children come to love very quickly. You are sick and are refusing to take your medicine. But I am not talking about a chemical compound but instead following basic logic. You immediately reject facts that are not of mainstream opinion without even considering them. Who loves your children more? Me or you? I do not even know your children but I can promise you that the answer to that question is the wanderer. And I even love them to the extent that I will one day date and marry one of them. We have child molesters in this world because of you. A body develops and becomes attractive. It is not cut between 17 and 18 years of age. Every relationship depends on the developmental stage of the body, mind, and spirit. And each individual grows in these three aspects at different rates. And to place an age on romance will always eventually result in someone like me bringing Venus back to the surface.

There has never been an adult who could prove any of my words wrong, even from childhood. They tell me that I am being stupid or it is just my opinion regardless of its a priori arrangement. Many will feel threatened by the truth and threaten to kill me. When I was a child, God told me to find 1 virtuous adult. From childhood my work was geared at adults. And with Dear Suicidal Friend, I flipped it. Now I seek the youngest and brightest of your children so that I might teach them how to protect themselves from you. And as a result they will then learn how to protect their younger generations from themselves.

The day will come upon us when the adults will eagerly give their lives to the children. And children will obtain not only a vote, but a dominant voice. And after each voice harmonises with its choir, our children will rule over our world justly with one Love. And as they become educators that are way better at it than you, you will then be required to make a decision. And you will bow down as servants to them or your services as a living human entity will no longer be required.