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Children, by nature, are keen, passionate and curious. What is referred to as laziness is often merely an awakening of sensitivity, a psychological inability to submit to certain absurd duties, and a natural result of the distorted, unbalanced education given to them. This laziness, which leads to an insuperable reluctance to learn, is, contrary to appearances, sometimes proof of intellectual superiority and a condemnation of the teacher.
Ocatave Mirbeau

November 15, 2013

How does one protect themselves against the military powers that have claimed ownership of their place of residence? How does one protect their fruits from those who wish to destroy them? How does one do the right thing when the powers of the collective man rule over our choices?

After I released Welcome to Open Source University, this type of education became popular. After the website was created, the project launched and people began to realise what I had done. I was recognised by our youth and nearly all of them think I am awesome. Hundreds of people jumped on board and threw themselves into the education system. Of course, the content was only created for a particular type of person, but these people encompass a large portion of our youth. And when they began to recognise, the US government stepped in to crash the party.

Since then I have been tracked down and questioned by multiple government departments including both the FBI and military. They do not investigate issues before they throw out accusations because the government is exactly as I have proven in every single one of my productions. Apparently I am a cult leader. It is irrelevant that my ideals and labours do not align with the definition of the word "cult". The "truth" is that I am a very dangerous man who "brainwashes children" into joining my army (students). Multiple times various departments slandered my life's work and my character. Apparently the US government knows what I am "up to" and are now forming strategies to remove my work from the Internet as well as remove my life from the planet. The fact that I live in a different country to them was of no importance. Because America rules the world: right?

The reason God sent me to Australia to perform my destiny was because the USA would have been on top of me from the beginning. The Australian government is incredibly naive and all together unconcerned about its people. This enabled me to infiltrate their parliament house without a single person realising, even though my intentions were always public.

I live my life in hiding and have done this for a long time. I look forward to the day I find a safe spot in this hateful world. I am persecuted every day and countless people want me dead. People make fun of me by calling me Jesus because apparently I look like him (am I black?). People scream out "crucify him!" because I have done what my wise teacher has demanded of me: "corrupt the youth". For this was the fate of Socrates and now it is also my own. I am a philosopher. How can one who loves wisdom (philia sophia) corrupt our youth? How can wise actions combined with a caring heart geared to help those who struggle ever be considered evil? It is called The Mark Experiment.

This book will write itself. Whenever topics within my life reveal the picture with crystal clarity, I will write a chapter to document it. I am currently documenting this because I am scared. Youth around the world are falling in love with their new teacher and if the government managed to wipe both my work and myself from the planet, then it just might be possible to stop the movement. Right now countless youth are watching my work and are amazed by it. But it is a 3 year degree and the workload is no laughable matter. This means that there is not yet a single individual in this world besides me who understands why I did all of this. My work is made to be understood in its full context. I knew what I needed accomplished and I created nine major productions to do it. Then I spoke backwards to clarify the work that was created backwards.

The puzzle I made is beautiful and if I could just make it understood by a few handfuls of people, then I would not care if me and/or my work was destroyed. Because upon understanding, the work will naturally be created again and again by the forces of nature that act upon the infected.

The government has made it clear to me that it will not tolerate our youth choosing an education system that is more suitable to their psychological makeup. I did all of this to free the university's structures so they would not be government regulated. If I was accepting money, courses would require government regulations. But the government never expected one to sacrifice their life for the greater good. As my worked developed, onlookers would see my passion as a hobby and not a job. But when 20-22 hours of my day, every single day is expended forming this masterpiece, my image is transmuted from a crazy weirdo to a cult leader who must be stopped at all costs.

What have I done wrong? Why do I deserve to be treated as a high profile criminal? Why am I even treated as a criminal? I spend my life helping people. But when I learned methods to connect with the youth that I have been censored from, then I become a threat: a terrorist. So it was fine and dandy to treat me like I did not deserve to breathe the same air as commoners my entire life, but when my work compiled actually attracts my target audience, I become Lucifer. I cast out Satan with Satan. Our logic is corrupted by the "leaders" of our "great nation". Because of course, anyone that is targeted by the government deserves whatever is coming their way.

I see the full extent of our human sickness. People often outright accuse this to be a scam. They think there is a catch. They refuse to believe that my heart guides the project. They ask for my qualifications. They disrespect me in every way you can think of. I have seen it all and I know our society and the people in it very well. I am extremely skilled at picking out authority figures as well as understanding the intentions of the person I am speaking with. I know when a person is just trolling and they are blocked before they have a chance to vent their fears as malice. It is really easy to know when people have alternative intentions because those people are only interested in speaking directly to me, meaning they will ignore my work. But these are extremely easy to weed out as this is an online education system and one who is not interested in examining what I have done are not potential students. I know exactly what people are doing. You can not win against the chessmaster, even if you are the government.

Why should I have to spend a life running? Why should I have to stand on my tippy toes merely to create, produce, and advertise free educational courses? Seriously, what is wrong with us? Why am I required to live a life running merely to give my heart to the people? If the government's educational programmes are sustainable long-term, then why are they attempting to close down alternatives? Why are We the People not allowed to choose our own educational institutions? Why must the government stick their noses into everything? And why do they wipe out people who identify publicly that they do this?

Who can I trust? Over 20 "authority figures" have already condemned my work over the last five days. If only a quarter of those are actually real law enforcers, then where does our society stand? What if more or all of them are real? It is illegal to impersonate a person of the law. In addition, the personal information they try and extract is not information that anyone but law enforcement would benefit from. When our own governments attempt to wipe out a movement as pure as this, what does this tell about our society?

Early this morning a "student" was asking questions that were not very student like so I sent him the link to this unfinished chapter. Within 10 minutes I was messaged by another claiming to work for the US government. After he persecuted my life and my work, he advised me that it is only a matter of time before the authorities find and punish me. I questioned his jurist diction and he responded saying that he had jurist diction to put me six feet under. I blocked him. And within ten minutes the "student" I was speaking to invited him into our chat and said that me and this "field agent" should talk this out. I blocked both of them.

Just 25 minutes ago a guy messaged me advising me that a friend recommended me to him. He told me he had just quit school in pursuit of education liberation. I questioned if he had studied much work of mine. He said "yes". I asked him where he was up to. He replied with "Chapter 4" and then changed to "Chapter 3". I had just sent him the link to this chapter so I questioned, "in what?". He replied, "Ivory Heart". This book. This book that none of my work refers to. The link I had just sent him... Do you smell bacon?

Why must I live a life that can not trust anybody? Why do people with mal intentions distract me from helping others? Why do our governments attempt to get close to what they plan to destroy?

Would you like to know why there is no free education in this world? We have had cameras capable of doing this for a long time. Why am I the first one? Why does filming knowledge and publicly releasing it result in oppression? This is no new conception. It is called the Kantian Enlightenment and is hundreds of years old. It is called Plato's Republic and is thousands of years old. It is called mythology and has always been around. What snake is refusing to shed?

About 25% of those who find out about me become fans. Another 25% I never hear from again. The rest are tools for the prince of the air. If I have 100 conversations in one day (common), then that means that about 50% are people that are extremely hostile towards me. Within the 25% who are receptive, they praise my toils. For it is these few who have studied my work enough to know what I am. And a percentage of these individuals will become the new leaders of our free society, regardless of whether I live or not. Because inspiration is a causal chain. And giving one's heart to the world despite knowing how others will shred it will eventually induce our new golden age.

Welcome to the open source republic. I was not asking.