Parody 63: They Live

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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians 6:12

October 28, 2013

In the beginning there was Chaos. Without shape or mass, conditions were not appropriate to sustain any evolutional development: its fertility not yet realised. Thus the collective It was compressed into a jar and then released into the Sky. The Universe toils to sculpt an image of the greatest beauty it can actualise. And from his rib the Earth is born and he is no longer alone.

But as our beautiful Mother mates with Ouranos, like particles come together and produce children. The new formations are chaotic not yet being situated in an appropriate environment.

But every molecule must be held responsible for its actions, so father Universe punished his naughty children by imprisoning them into the depths of Tartarus: a feverous space in our Mother's heart reserved for recycling the worst of her creation's offenders, compressing its unruly genetic makeup into Pandora's box.

But this caused Gaia to be overcome with great pain, being empathetic to her children's destined misfortune. She approached her youngest, Time, with a flint scythe. She offered his freedom with a blade that was to castrate his Father in which created him.

As time cuts through its own flesh, the blood of its consequence flows into pure love. And this enables the conditions for our boy Saturn and his siblings to reign control of the heavens. But for the sinful deed he had committed... For the results of his actions will catch up to him just as Father Universe prophesied. For the Titans will one day be overthrown by the seeds of their leader.

The blood flows thick as Saturn eagerly awaits the birth of his first born. His sister and consort weeping in agony not only from the pains of birthing a new conception, but also because Mother is fully aware of what her husband plans on doing with their child.

The hearth of man is swallowed up by her Father before its potential is realised. For the tools of man require her perfection in order to manifest solar power (hope) within our world.

The next to be eaten would become the underworld but its decay will flourish the right trees. From there the waters to necessitate life and a just Queen to rule them, all swallowed up by the sickle of time before they had a chance to become realised.

But dear Mother could no longer endure her mighty husband punishing their children for a curse their parent's placed upon him. So after the seed of sky was living within her, she fled to the earth and the stars to find redemption.

And as according to plan, Father Time was deceived by the earth handed to it, and quickly gobbled the bound stone without realising his dear wife's trickery.

The baby named Zeus is handed over to the earth and the stars to nurture him so that he would one day become the golden boy to lead a revolution to overthrow the disobedient state that his father's volition had inflicted upon the cosmos.