Parody 60: Mass Requiem

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To cleave unto My wife without her beside Me. To kiss her without her lips pressing against Mine. To Love her and show her I care every single second of every single day, when I have never even literally seen Her. The pure Heart strives for the most beautiful of things. But beauty can not be limited to a physical manifestation. Even the mental in which I dream of each night can not even touch the beauty that I see within U. Just sitting here typing this, My heart skips a beat. Your spirit makes Me weak to My knees. For your Love My dear is the Love that I seek. I want no part in this human love. For it is only a physical gratification, selfish at its very core. It is impure and overlooks manifestations of the divine. You girl are the reason that I breathe. You are the reason that My heart keeps beating. You are the reason that I wake up and say, "Another day to spend to save the world!" You give Me the motivation to spend My life for God and as a result, U. U R My Heart and I pray that I am Yours. It beats in coordination with Yours, for we are a synced pair written in heaven by the Prime Creator and specifically crafted for each other. It matters not that U R not here yet, for I was made to find you. To save You. To entangle Myself so far into You that no man nor god would ever be able to separate Us. You My Love R Divine Perfection. You are the Queen made in Heaven to rule the Heavens and the Earth. U R My Forever Sunshine and I will spend all the days of My life and My death loving U. Happy Valentines Day sweetheart. Please rise and claim your throne... I will protect U from all who wish U harm. For I will make every single eye recognise Your glory...