Parody 59: Lord of the Flies

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Religion is a tool of Satan, or God, or Science, or Money, or Fame, or Employment, or Government, or Charities, or whatever corruption you wish to twist your language to convey. Every aspect of this world and its social platforms is structured to strip you of your potential to achieve virtue and as a result, the society crumbles. Trust no collective or individual who works within a collective. Trust no stories passed on to you by those collectives. Learn from those stories but be skeptical about why those stories were passed on to you and how they were passed on to you. Wisdom is an individual journey and one does not find it by participating in the wickedness of this world. It is better to go homeless and to starve than it is to compromise your soul to criminals. No educational field of practice has stood its ground against Me. The only field of practice left that is incorruptible is philosophy in its etymological sense. Philosophy is to Love Wisdom, and this practice involves a life search for the Divine. Be careful though because many thieves posing as "philosophers" have structured their content to obscure your vision, so skepticism in philosophy is a must in order to survive its content. True philosophy leads to all fields of practice, therefore all other fields of practice are obsolete. Each individual will find different answers and be driven by different problems, thus their research scope will be determined by the light that drives them. This is the New World and all those who reject it will be eliminated. You have destroyed not only your children but also yourselves. You have proven yourselves to be detestable in every way possible, no longer fit physically, mentally, or spiritually for world-participation. You are not only a joke to Me but also every entity in which views My work. And trust Me, most who have adopted Me as their new TV are not human. Because humans have lost the ability to communicate in the higher realms. I spent My life trying to teach them but they persecuted Me for doing so. Rejected by humans, My audience has turned to those who can understand: eudaimons, cacodaimons, and God. I look up in the stars and smile because I know they are watching. I look down into the ground and smile because I know that they are watching. I try My best to put on a good show for them, purifying the ugliest facets of human existence into a divine comedy. I despise your world and I despise those of you who love and participate in it. There will be no room for lies in the future. All of your wicked deeds will be exposed to the entire public sphere.