Parody 57: Hide and Seek

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Behind the veil of this world is the fallen Queen of Heaven. Behind the veil is Love. Behind the veil is my Lover and My Dreams, which are now forming into Reality. Behind the veil is a secret that all of you have overlooked. The few in power who did not overlook her, abused her: used her as a prostitute - became drunk on her wine. The kings of this world kidnapped and raped her. They twisted and framed her love to what it is not. They debased her and recursively all hers on this planet. They reduced love to sex and sex to perversion. The kings of this world then applied their corruption of My Queen upon their kingdoms, reducing women into objects of sexual gratification, implemented through social practices that cleverly applied this sadism upon the entire population of their kingdoms. The goddess of love reduced to a prostitute, raped nightly by the rulers of this world and recursively by their people through mind control methods to manipulate and distort the image of women, literally reducing their usefulness to the gratification of the male body. You will all pay dearly for your sins, for My Queen is being born again. You killed her through your sexual perversion. But she will soon rise again as the Phoenix that she is and destroy you, for you have corrupted every form of her divinity. My goddess is My goddess and not yours. You worshiped her with perversion in your heart. I worshiped her because she was Love. She taught Me how to best Love because of My sacrifice to her. And it does not include the rape or murder of women and children. It does not include war and does not include sexual promiscuity. It does not include illogical violence or biological warfare. It does not include exploiting our resources in a delusional state of self-seeking. It does not include inflicting homelessness and starvation on your people. You will soon be severely punished by the very one you worshiped. Because you made her into what she is not and now that she is being reborn from the sea foam, she will destroy every brick on this planet which has shared responsibility for these unforgivable crimes including every individual who did not publicly repent for making them.

The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgement with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.
Matthew 12:42