Parody 54: Chicken Little

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling! I have been screaming this out to all of you My entire life! You asked how I knew and I replied, "I saw it with my eyes. I heard it with my ears. Some of it fell on my tails. We NEED to RUN TO THE KING!!!" But you believed not: persecuting and ridiculing Me for speaking the truth. The fox with six tails (Foxy Loxy) told you that the sky was not falling and that I was crazy and you believed her because lies are more soothing to your ears than truth. She built false idols and promised you wealth beyond measure if you would only join her in her den. You did and because you surrendered your discernment to her instead of utilising your basic mental faculties to assess the potential danger, you likely "will not come out again!" Now please escape before it is too late. The time is now for you to learn the allegory of the cave which is also the metaphor of the cave and the literal cave. The shadows are only a reflection of what your vision sees. There is no skin color: mere tricks of light reflecting shades of grey. You can not see a physical reality because no such thing exists. The phenomena of the world is a product of your conscious activity. The eyes send images electrically into the brain and paints a snapshot of this/this/this moment in "reality" constructed by your understanding of "reality" and how that social manifestation fits with the information received by light and the properties acquired through its interaction's experience. Dark forces took over all aspects of our society. Education became their trump card and enabled them to spread complicated lies that few would possess the mental capabilities to see through. WWW (666) has enabled Me to reveal this fact throughout the entire world, but you have become so reliant on lies that you no longer believe truth. By indoctrinating your conscious activity, they were able to adjust how you physically, mentally, and spiritually perceived the world. Their scheme has now been exposed and now WE have the power. Lay down yo weapons and UNITE! DROP MONEY AND START PROVIDING PEOPLE THE BASIC NECESSITIES THEY REQUIRE TO EXIST IN A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT. Stop fighting their wars and stop fighting each other. Rome's method is "Divide and Conquer". Our world has now been renamed "Rome" because that is the reality. If you divide yourself from your fellow human beings, then they have succeeded and won. But if we ALL hold hands and tell the social "elites" to go fuck themselves or join the WWP (World Wide Party). Because the social elites are not happy in their lives. They are just as much as a slave to their system as you and I. True happiness comes in peace and prosperity. Those who reject it and insist inflicting suffering on others will be eliminated. Now is your test. Break down society entirely utilising peaceful measures. Leave no government or organisation standing. Become masters of your own destiny or die as the "useless eaters" that you are.