Parody 53: Life in Death

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The world does not exist how you have been told it exists! The Law of Reversal has been in play for a very long time! Wake up now before it is too late! Life is death and death is life! Aleister Crowley's reversal of poles has been in play for a very long time, slowly dripped into society over many years by secret organisation through their utilisation and sole control of mainstream media, religious orginisations, political parties, education and employment practices, biomedicine research and development, etc... You have been tricked into thinking that death is life and as a result you cling to your "life" (death). This causes you to experience fear, because if you were to die then you would lose yourself. And if this is how you physically depart from this world, then this is exactly what will happen. Fear not My children, for there is a much larger plan in which your poisoned minds can not nor want to comprehend. Your fear will result in eternal damnation, for fear will drive your compliance and participation in the world-wide-holocaust. Instead I say, love your neighbour as yourself. Do not fight this war, for it is not yours. If the financial powers above us want to fight, then let them do it to each other instead of using us at their proxy. But do not let your dismissal of their war make you compliant. For if you do nothing then you are supporting its operation. What is your responsibility when you see someone being murdered? What about a woman or child being raped? What about the blatant abuse of one of your neighbours? What about when it is the police or military doing it? Do not fight but resist. Do not allow wickedness to be performed in front of your sight. If you are to lose your breath from separating a police officer sticking his dick in a screaming child or beating a homeless person to death, then you are to die with righteousness. If you are to die from a guillotine after your blind compliance and lack of inaction, then you are to die in shame. The way in which you die will affect the afterlife in which you will be reborn. For death is life and if you are to gain life in this fallen world through actions against the innocent or inactions against those who are doing it, then you are to eternally die in the next. The rich will have no power once we collectively realise this. But you won't because you would prefer world-wide-genocide over human flourishing. You won't because you are wicked in your core. Prove Me wrong and save the world. Prove Me right and I will destroy it in order to save it.