Parody 52: Trojan Horse

Bitchute Archive

From Troy to cellular towers, the Trojan Horse has often been utilised as the most important piece on the chess board. It is disguised and represented as something which is beneficial to the public, demonstrated through some spiritual display of power gifted to a city, and in this case, the world-wide-city called Babylon. Are you truly not willing to look a gift horse in the mouth? We live in the end times and every form of mainstream investment is designed to trick us into an eternity in Hell. Despite them promoting "transparency" this year, the fashion in which they are releasing this information has been carefully planned. They are not only playing with your body (poison), mind (fear), but also your spirit (compass). A world-wide-government that has spent millennia brainwashing its inhabitants preparing for this great harvest is not employed without carefully thought out artillery. The investments of our past become the manifestations of our future. When those investments are devious from the beginning, what does that mean for our present and our future? We must break the hold that mainstream has on our consciousness before it is too late. And this will not be done by you continuing to invest your conscious activity into mainstream forms of media: for what you do with them is no different from worship. It is time to shut down all forms of mainstream media and hand our media over to individuals instead of relying on collectives which possess an agenda beyond and not in consideration of your own well-being. It is time to drop all of the "stars" of our fallen world and replace them with independent morally driven role-models who actually are of benefit not only to you, but also all of society. Deny Me and be doomed...