Parody 51: Planet of the Apes

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In a distant world, far from the one in which you know, exactly what is happening in your own happens with slight nuances which entrain your brain into the factual "fiction" in which we have spent a lot of money forcing upon you. It will be dramatic and present to you wicked characters as virtuous and virtuous characters as wicked. But it is all in good fun because the "good guys" (US) will be likeable with a strong presence and ambitiously driven character development. We will indoctrinate these ideals into you and separate it from its factual form, turning fiction (educational doctrines) into fact (the reality of US about to commit genocide on this entire planet). But when it is too late, we will just point to the entertainment in which you treasure and relay to you that we have been trying to tell you about this invasion for a very long time. But you were stupid so it all turned out as a divine comedy. We eat popcorn watching you eat popcorn watching us take you over. I can't believe that you thought our practices were sustainable! It is hilarious how none of you did anything to stop us from literally raping and murdering countless women and children all around the world. But you could not give up your life of greed so you supported us to do it. You immersed yourself into the capitalistic lifestyle which inflicted countless atrocities around the entire globe. You paid your taxes as the sheep you are and we used that money to dominate the world on your behalf. You fell in the capitalist pit of blood and now you are drowning in it. Who will save you? Why should anyone save you? You brought this upon yourself and are merely suffering the consequences for your actions. You have been given countless warnings but you insulted the messengers, medicated (poisoned) them, called them crazy, imprisoned them, and sometimes murdered them. Now it is time for justice to be served not only to the American government, but also its citizens. The rest of the world will follow suite. For there is no justification for these actions other than greed. Let's see how far greed and corruption gets you in the Armageddon...