Parody 50: War on God

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The time for God's chosen elect to stand up is now. For we have been invaded by demonic forces structured to destroy human civilisation by utilising all forms of public opinion to divide the population and inflict oppression against the people in order to make them toxic to not only themselves, but also everybody and everything they touch. We are not in control of our own media. Not even the Internet. There are dark forces behind everything in which you see, touch, smell, hear, taste, feel, and do. The infrastructure of society has been created and implemented by Satanist. Thus the only information that is to leak (go viral) is the information in which they choose to enable that to happen with. Why are they controlling the information in which you receive? Because they want you to act in ways that violates your own moral code of conduct, thus turning you into a reprobate. And they will outline your sins to you and you will realise that you are responsible for allowing all of this to happen. You have become what they wanted you to become; detestable and the lowest form of life on this planet. As a result, they are allowed to treat you as such, for you are no longer human and will not receive human rights.