Parody 49: Infected

Bitchute Archive

The contamination has been released into the atmosphere and is now spreading to every corner of the globe. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Resistance is futile. Humankind has been put in check-mate by God and will now be punished for its sins: a total lack of discernment between the natures of right and wrong. The actions of our present bring into the future its results. The time for talk is over and now is the time for action on all sides of the court. The injection of fear has left us vile creatures who prey upon the weak and reward those who exploit them. All of your doctrines have whitewashed you out of your erudition. You want your authorities to protect you from what is coming but it is your authorities who have caused what is coming. Therefore, you will perish in the system in which you supported including all of the practices in which they are responsible for. Your moral fiber will be judged by the fruits of the collectives in which you supported. And you will be slaves to their systemetised employment and total disregard for the preservation of life.