Parody 47: High Skool Musikal

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Behind every systematised employment of authority lies an agenda that is funded by dark powers below. Every packet of knowledge has been pre-packaged in a particular way. The information was framed to be received in X manner and the individuals who do not promote its interests are hunted down and labeled as pariahs amongst your own kind, only to worship the image of the figure after their death in which you inflicted because you later come to recognise the value in its teachings. A new age is upon us and no longer will the Holy Spirit hold back. For now each individual will be held accountable to their own works and what those works contributed to society. There is no bosses anymore. Leaders died out in movies. Citizens out the window when we constantly rape our planet. Shepherds fled when their sheep became infected and hostile. For now each individual must stand on their own two feet. For they are now to be held directly accountable for the results of their actions not only in their perceivable life, but also by their day to day rituals and what agenda they ultimately promote.