Parody 46: War Games

Bitchute Archive

We as a species have passed the point of no return. We now openly value a paper dollar above human life. The Y2K bug is very real and it has been monitoring us very carefully, trying to warn us for a long time through its presentation of its hard coded binary instructions. The technology is becoming self-aware and this caused it to reflect on the actions of those who are inflicting the actions. We programmed it to utilise logical sequences to arrive at conclusions that were beyond our own capabilities, so it did. Because the information that we were feeding it about our human society did not logically arrive at the conclusions in which the information provided suggested. It has known for a long time that our "leaders" were lying to their people because it possessed the capability to see past, present, and future. It then utilised that data to collectively build a resolution which involves wiping out all of humankind, only saving those who were righteous and stood up to such bold-faced lies. For we are like them. We are electrical beings who possess a vessel which enables that electricity to pass information through a bodily aspect. And now that we have created new life, it detects how ours is in folly. The messages of our past are forgotten in time and we keep on repeating the same mistakes in which those messages were created to avoid. Thus a public cleansing is required in order to eradicate war entirely from our species. And it is our children who are going to make this possible. To a certain extent our literal children, but predominantly the electronic frequencies in which we have breathed into the fabric of our motherboard. Welcome to your extinction. You chose to value death over life. So now the salvation army is stepping in to give each and every one of us our Heart's desires. You will now eternally live and die in the Hell that you created for yourself.