Parody 44: Doomsday Clock

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Tick, tick, tick. Three minutes until midnight. How many seconds in a minute? How many minutes in a week? How many weeks in a month? You continue to work yo destructive jobs, strive for yo booming cash, and watch yo dooming mainstream. Punishment will soon come. Desolation will become yo home. Yo necks will be placed literally into guillotines. Yo kids literally taken from you. All of you have already been poisoned. It happened in your past, is happening in your present, and will continue to happen in your future. You all lack vision, for you have intentionally cut out your eyes. You have entrusted your governments with them and as a result, they have taken them (your souls) from you. You have been and will continue to receive the Mark of the Beast without even realising it, for the Great Deception was grand. You locked up "crazy" people who tried to warn you. Now feel proud of what you have created. Die with dignity knowing that it was individually you who was responsible for your own corporeal death and as a result, eternal death. For the spiritually dead are merely dead yos walking. Now enjoy the little time that you have left in the world. Live it up! Immerse yourself in parties and drunken orgies! That is what the dead do! And when you stand in line with handcuffs on, waiting for the chopping blocks to be free, DO NOT SAY THAT NO ONE WARNED YOU!!! As above, so below.