Parody 43: Beautiful World

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What is beauty? Is living in a society which rapes and murders children beautiful? Is living in a state of constant world-wide-bombings beautiful? Is living in a state of terror, fearful of the authorities beautiful? Is making and spending money beautiful? I will tell you what is beautiful. It is beautiful that I do not have any human loved ones. It is beautiful that I was locked up countless times for warning you all about this happening. It is beautiful that I have stood up to the entire world despite being rejected by it as a result. It is beautiful that I am homeless and struggle to merely exist. It is beautiful that I chose God over the wicked ways of your world. It is beautiful that I died on My cross in order to try and save you from what is to come. What is true beauty? True beauty is the destruction of this world and its wicked inhabitants and the recreation of a new world that values life above all else. Beauty is found in the soul and that beauty is represented in the individual (not collective) actions of each and every one of us. A New World that only allows righteous individuals to occupy it is beautiful. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. It is in the Eye of the beholder in which beholds us. True beauty is God and in a Godless society, true beauty is death.