Parody 42: From Hell

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Full disclosure? How could that ever happen considering a planet's lifetime of lies to its people? What could possibly be the collective benefit for maintained secrecy within a political structure? And documents which eventually are declassified have more often than not been redacted. You abuse your "conspiracy theorists" when they are trying to point out to you the obvious. The Zombie Apocalypse occurred long ago. For the humans are all dead. They used poisonous gases (literally, metaphorically, and allegorically), and poisoned your asses. None of you cannot even distinguish your left hand from your right and those who claim to be "awake" are just resonating at an alternative frequency than their peers. You all lack the ability to put this puzzle together because you have been indoctrinated into not being capable of retaining comprehension of such an enormous puzzle. You killed your real philosophers and you never stopped. You glorify them after the fact of their death but punish them for existing amongst you during their life. Those of you who are religious or spiritual are so far disconnected from any form of reality, disconnecting wisdom from the spirit. You have refused divination physically, mentally, and spiritually - for those who only focus on one or two aspects are just as lost as those who divinate none. You have lost all ability to comprehend any manifestation of a Holy Trinity because you have strayed from one or more aspects of that trinity, all being required to live in the image of God. Do you think things are bad now? Just wait and see. Literally, ALL HELL is about to break loose. And now, you are the only person in this universe who you can blame. But of course, don't bother watching this video. Because you long for people to praise you, despite not possessing any praiseworthy characteristics. For now, all have been judged and will soon experience the Ring of Fire.