Parody 41: Amnesia Day

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Happy Australia Day! We now celebrate the divine day in which the British colinised the largest island in the world. Surprisingly, it was empty: devoid of any human inhabitants. So we did what any upstanding patriots would do, claim Mine! The land was harsh and unfit for human inhabitation. So we worked the harsh soil until it could support us, drastically altering its terrain and extracting any misplaced resources that were buried. While we were salvaging this barren land, a strange parasitic insect that we call "blackfellas" tried to stop us, but we swiftly eradicated the problem by wiping out most of the species and then scientifically regulating their future reproduction by relocating their offspring to safer and more suitable environments. We are a great nation and everything we do is for the betterment of not only ourselves, but also our entire human existence. If you don't agree with us then fuck off and get the Hell out of our country!!! Lest We Forget. Oops. We already have. Or maybe we have not forgotten but instead no longer care.