Parody 40: Solomon's Temple

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The majority of the great prophecies of our scriptures have been fulfilled! It was all hidden from you in plain sight but your eyes could not see because you were only watching your trustworthy mainstream television, which is entirely composed of individuals who have literally sold their soul to the devil. All independent sources of information you rejected as false doctrines because that is the way in which your governments, media, employers, authority figures, and religious organisations have indoctrinated you. Your scriptures told you about this deception occurring, for Satan is the king of this world. But you refused all literal interpretations of all of your Holy scriptures. All was available for you to find salvation yet you chose the salvation the world provided instead of the one which your soul called you to. This means that you have rejected not only your faith, but all faith. Now watch yo world fall apart in front of your eyes because of yo sinful actions. For you were tricked into worshiping Beelzebub and not your Creator. The answer was always in plain sight and you would have seen if you lived in the Holy Spirit. But instead you lived in the spirit of profit (not to be confused with prophet) and now that poisonous snake is making a U turn; coming back to bite you on the arse!