Parody 39: The Crow

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The Beast's Law of Reversal has now swung into full legal operation. Hate is now love and those who "love" the most are now being rewarded exponentially for their sins. Those who have spent their lives trying to protect you are hidden from you and those who have spent their lives terrorising you are now transparently in control. Greed has won over prosperity and "humans" have demonstrated themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt as the lowest form of life on this planet. Evolution has been debunked as the fittest of us are incarcerated, tortured, and murdered, while the weakest of us pull the strings that cause it. We have become parasites, and the worst of them. Every collective move that is made no longer requires solid foundations, for logic to our "evolved" species is obsolete, replaced by a play on words distributed and marketed to confuse. The worst of you are now idolised as the best and the best as the worst. Now it is time to pay the piper as each and every action will reap its consequences. Ya know, what I have been telling all of you all along but none of you believed Me. Now I will destroy your world with your own actions, for you are all mere pawns to Me and I will play you off against each other because you are gullible enough to keep playing the chess game. I created this battle ground over the last six years. Those before Me just fertilised the soil. Now grab some popcorn, sit back, and watch Me systematically destroy all evil, which includes