Parody 37: Original Sin

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There was no literal fruit responsible for our fallen nature. For the responsibility does not lie in any literal food but instead where we chose to obtain our sustenance from. For man is woman and woman is man. Both were created from the dust of the earth and individually crafted to serve each other equally. However, when woman came to man and requested to be treated equally to him, she was denied by Adam and as a result, Lilith departed from the Garden. Now turning away from his other half, he embarks on the future of naked human civilisation standing next to Eve, who contented herself as being subservient to him. From the beginning we were warned about the consequences of committing adultery. But now, most (if not all) of you have, settling for a "someone" instead of "the one". God is angered!!! For you have institutionalised a legal form of adultery and call it marriage.