Parody 33: Summer of 69

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Once you all realise what you have done, you will be ashamed. And then you will run and hide as your nakedness is revealed to you, but you cannot hide from God. When you comprehend this you will fall to your knees and beg for redemption, but none will be offered to you. Because you were given countless chances to repent and turn from your wicked ways but you chose not to. You turned God into yourselves and worshiped your own sins, praising them as virtues. For such hubris you will be severely punished, not only in this lifetime but also the eternal next. For there is no life for you in your future, only eternal suffering. Because you chose ignorance over knowledge and such foolish investments have now revealed to you there consequences. To you, the realm of the spirit was outside of your physical and mental properties. You could not see God in your world because you had not the eyes to see any truth. Therefore you considered consequences for wicked actions as a fiction, only to be applied for moral thought experiments - existing outside of your social reality. And now you will pay for the conclusion of your actions as God returns to serve justice and cast judgement upon Its defiant creation.