Parody 30: Left Behind

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You have been deceived as to what a "lie" is. From childhood you have been conditioned to believe without question that a "lie" is when one's words do not match up with the literal manifestations of the events. But this is a lie and was a well planned scheme to disconnect the realms of the mental and the spiritual from your human interpretation and as a result, your character. Words are elusive and your oppressors used that against you. A "fictional" story can hold much more truth than its literal interpretation, however, you are conditioned to believe that a fiction is not nor can be fact: a lie. A lie is an intentional act that is crafted to lead another astray: a red herring to divert from the truth of the reality of our social existence. Words that are selectively framed to only reveal the physical actions of an agenda is a lie, despite its potential literal truth value. A literal interpretation of an event or set of events does not reveal the agenda behind the events (mental), nor the direction in which receiving the event's framed description is intended to direct its audience (spiritual). A lie is not telling one who intends to hurt you misleading information, nor is a lie speaking outside of literal truths by using allegories and metaphors. A lie is a deception intended to mislead you from life's true purpose. You have all been lied to by the elite's agenda in which they framed countless sets of events in a particular fashion in order to direct you away from the Unification of the human spirit: ONE. A literal "fiction" can be a mental and/or spiritual fact. A lie is intended to divert from the path of righteousness: the Truth. The truth is an interpretation of the literal events in which leads a mind to the mental events associated and as a result, reveals its spiritual intentions. All messages that fall short of this formula are lies. For you have all been brainwashed to think backwards. For the Truth comes from the spirit, fed into the mind, and then manifests as a subjective interpretation of a physical phenomena. Now we collectively do not even understand what a lie is because we disconnected it from its spiritual and mental properties and as a result, you all only know how to speak in lies. Welcome to the result of following Satanism for your entire lives. Are you proud? The Great Deception was indeed Great. For they tricked you all into becoming disciples of wickedness.