Parody 29: God Bless the USA

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I am proud to be an American! Sometimes our government does things that we do not understand, but they do so because they are trying to protect us from our enemies. They are literally our big brother and they are trying to defend their siblings from all of the ills out there in the world. In times of crises like these, we must stand strong behind the forces of our great country, no matter how illogical their actions appear to us. They are smart and know what they are doing. For times like now we need patriots who will stand behind their leaders, for the pledge of allegiance was our vow to them. We are only sheep and we must follow the good shepherd that protects us from our enemies with our children's lives. We have been reaping the rewards of being American our entire lives without contributing to its safety and well being. So now is the time for us to unite and defend our liberties by destroying all who oppose us. We are the sleeper cells that must wake up to protect our great country! Please enjoy this documentary that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that America is the best country in the world.