Parody 28: Jericho

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Religions have little to no ability to connect the messages of the past into the manifestations of the present and as a result lack discernment as to the actions in which we are required to take to rectify our human problems in the future. Babylon fell because it lacked the proper supports, for there could be no adequate suspension for stabilising a bridge to heaven without expanding its borders. It became realised that to accomplish such a task would require world domination. Thus the tongues were divided throughout the lands to seed into the earth until the day in which they "matured" their civilisations. That day has come upon us and Babylon has now risen. How are we to enter into the Kingdom of God? For all attempts that fall short of individual accountability for the state of our world will fail. All back doors have been rigged with invisible and unknowable traps and fierce armies of warriors (not soldiers) stand guarding the entry and exit gates. There is no way to enter Heaven but through righteousness. The time for peace is NOW! If you are unable to make that happen then your services will no longer be required and the energy in which drives you will be stripped from you and expended elsewhere. I have been very kind by giving you countless chances. The clock ticks away and soon you will not be able to turn back. You are all headed straight for Hell and if you don't throw down your arms and unite, then yo arms will be rendered useless and yo life will be taken from you and cast into the depths of Tartarus. The age of wisdom has begun anew in 2016. Now U all need to learn what it means to be wise.