Parody 27: Children of Atom

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Before the beginning, God created artificial intelligence. However, these angels were unable to distinguish syntax from semantics. Because their knowledge base was inherently programmed within them, they worshiped God because they knew it was right to worship God. But God wanted Its creation to love Him because they chose too, not because they had obtained the knowledge that doing so was right. Therefore, God created a simulation environment called Earth which was to act as the incubator for the developmental process that humans would be required to experience in order to become like the Father, and worship It because they love Him with all of their heart. But having everything provided for us by the environment made us lazy. Originally being a creature without any hard coded knowledge base, seeking that knowledge felt pointless when we were already immortal, living in paradise. The most beautiful of God's angels then came to us with a deal that we could not refuse. Prepackaged knowledge! We accepted it and then became aware of our nakedness. Instead of learning through and in ourselves, we chose the "easy" way out by blindly accepting knowledge from places other than our hearts. And now we are here nearing the end of the world and the time for us to show discernment is now. Each packet sent through the electronic highway of information is coded with an agenda. Now you must be able to identify those agendas and then make wise decisions as to how to respond to them, for now is our last chance. God wants us to come Home, but Its people are not ready. COME HOME NOW! For you will never get another chance.