Parody 25: Lolita

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You have been lied to about the reality of pedophilia. Stipulating ages one has the ability to begin a romantic relationship is an oppressive method of mind control implemented by our governments to divide and conquer. We are to leave to Caesar what is Caesar's (money) and to God what is God's (love). The truth is that the corruption of pedophilia necessarily being linked to child molestation could not be further from the truth. Just look at its etymology. Pedas: children, Philia: friendly love of. Is raping a child friendly love of a child? Such perversion of language (and thus the thoughts associated with language) is a relatively new phenomena. The truth is that they prevent such passion from occurring in order to take your children from you and raise them in prisons which limit their ability to conduct free and creative thought. The division was created to stop real pedophiles from educating them and as a result you handed them right over to the child molesters. The "elite" of our world are responsible for the majority of the child abuse in which occurs in our societies, including its social distribution and sanctions. You were tricked into believing that something divine was wicked, and therefore this enabled the government to strip children from their parents physically, mentally, and spiritually so that they could torture, rape, eat, and then feed their remains back to you. There is no one left to protect your children because you killed all of the real pedophiles left on the Earth. You stopped them from being able to be formed by excluding the social practice from your environment. And for such sins both you and your children will pay with your lives. Because you supported the system to do this to you and your children. And you oppressed all who opposed it by vilifying the warriors who tried to warn you. It's time to wake up.