Parody 24: Bohemian Rhapsody

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Divide and conquer. This is the motto for your New, Old World Order. But I knew what they were doing because I am a sleeper cell. I was trained my entire life for this very moment, ironically by My very enemies. After they divided you all and I saw clear signs as to the unfolding of World War III, I activated in order to conquer. My entire life I have watched them successfully divide you. I spent it testing the faith of countless individuals and I am still yet to find a single human being that is worthy to inherit the earth, much less the heavens. You scroll past this post, this link, this description and move on to your next three second task. You have lost all ability to focus, for your eyes have failed you. You can no longer see, listen, or speak. You cannot discern beneficial content from harmful content. You have become the very parasites in which you despise. Nay, you are worse than parasites, for they are unawares as to the destruction they are causing. Three more ticks and you will see. But you will not believe. For you have been snared within hubris for your entire lives. You were educated into fictional dogmas in which you warmly welcomed into your reality without question, although all of your scriptures told you otherwise. You exiled the prophets who tried to warn you. You have willingly defied God, God's people, and God's orders so now U gonna pay with yo eternityVAVVAVVAV