Parody 23: Captain Amerika

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What happens when the good guys are revealed as bad guys and the bad guys are revealed as good guys? Our brains experience cognitive dissonance and our misplaced patriotism is shown for what horrors it supports. Still even after the events of the Apocalypse unfold exactly how I said they would, you flee from your responsibility of free thought. I was the bad guy when I warned you about all of this happening if we didn't change and now I am the bad guy for rubbing in your faces that it is all happening and you should have listened to My words before it got this bad. The truth is in the mirror. You are the bad guy who was brainwashed to think of yourself as a good guy. And now you must choose your side, for God Will win this. And when you insult the most faithful of God's servants, that information will be passed on for your upcoming trial.