Parody 22: Cleric

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From the beginning of time God blessed Its people with clerics, who were responsible for the spiritual guidance of the flock. This right to passage was stolen and then protected with the blood of each generation. Those who obtained domination through physical violence allocated the positions required to ordain such influential positions. Therefore, behind every step was an agenda that was forced upon the initiate and faithful service to its commands furthered the prospects of the false prophets. Therefore, those who were truly called by God and speak none other than what God has commanded them to are purged from social environments as obviously such called individuals will speak against its unjust practices. This act denied the passage for each individual to find their own light and forced darkness upon them collectively. The act of worshiping God has become an act of worshiping Satan and nobody realised the slight of hand. Therefore the fail-safe has been activated and planet Earth has turned into a time bomb. Tick-tick-tick!!!