Parody 19: The Secret Covenant

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How many of you will stumble upon this and refuse to watch the video? Your minds have been conditioned to not be receptive to information that is relevant to the potential of your future survival. You prefer Hollywood over truth even when that truth is presented to be much more entertaining than your entertainment. You flee from the responsibility of independent thought and this will result in your future destruction and when it does, I will sit back, eat popcorn, and watch the comedy play out. There is no potential for the Son of David to save you when you are not receptive to saving yourself. And as a result you will die and your soul will be stripped from you and be cast into Hades where it will be eternally tortured for your sins. You have no excuses now, for you were warned in every way possible. The End is nigh!!! Act now!!! Choose yo poison: HEAVEN OR HELL.