Parody 18: Return to Innocence

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The world is literally about to end but you lack the eyes to see. The great deception has already played its course and you all fell for it, and continue to fall for it every day. What can I write in this text box to convince you to watch this video, my past videos, and my future videos? I am trying to save all of you but all I receive in return is cruelty. You have done it again. You have crucified your Christ yet again and you cannot even see it. You keep repeating the mistakes of your past but this mistake was your worst. For it is the final deception which you all fell for. Now each and every one of your souls are on the line but you do not believe. Mark My words, for you will believe because you will see. But for the majority of you, by then it will be too late and you will cry: "Father! We knew not what we did! Spare us and forgive us of our transgressions, for we knew not that He was your son! It was the fault of our oppressors and not our own, for they convinced us of such lies." And My Father will reply, "Depart from Me, you never knew Me. I gave each and every one of you countless chances to break free from your shackles. But instead you chose to embrace them, willingly and enthusiastically contributing to mass destruction in which your false prophets directed. There will be no redemption for you, for you have perverted every conception of the divine and you have no hope for rehabilitation." Do not believe Me? Test the waters!!!