Parody 17: The Press Corpse

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To reject knowledge when that knowledge is freely available to you is to reject life, especially when that knowledge reveals how you are responsible for the state of affairs in which you are now placing blame on others for. You chose to put your faith in the governments, organisations, and religions presented to you. You chose to support them with your income and labours. You supported the tragedy that is now occurring right in front of your faces. And you ridiculed, persecuted, and subjugated all who did not. For you were right because your leaders were right. But now all of your leaders have been exposed as the frauds that they are and your reaction is to point your finger at them for their wicked behaviour. But it was in fact you who nurtured that wicked behaviour to manifest and develop how it has. You not only supported their plans for your own holocaust but you also contributed to them carrying it out. And even when them and the entire lineage of your government, organisations, and religious institutions has been exposed for their treacherous motives and actions, standing naked before you, you still continue to support their existence by continuing with the same practices in which they have laid out before you. The problem is not them but you for following them in the wickedness from beginning to end. Your pride cannot stand to be the blame so you point your finger elsewhere, ultimately unsure where to point. Your leaders are all idiots yet you continue to acknowledge their existence and power over you. Therefore you will sink with the Titanic along with them who oppressed you through your willing and loyal submission. Good job patriots! Mission accomplished!!!